The rain began to pour down it's fury upon the surface of the earth heavily. On this particular day, the whole creatures suffered the fury with their pleasant clothes being soaked for hours. The whole market place was in a state of commotion and distress. The road became so busy and unattractive as the tyres of the vehicles made resounding harmonies with the earth choristers. The shops became a place of shelter for multitudes of people who came to make transactions in the market place. Many people entrusted their shelter to the faithfulness of the umbrellas they had gotten from their respective homes.
In a moment of time, due to the heavy downpour of the rain, the road ahead became blur in the mirror embedded in a car which made the white tainted glass car to mistakenly knock down a tattered dressed old man in black glasses. A black man putting on a white shirt with a pink tie and a black trousers happened to be the driver of the car. He came down to check on the man together with the people that had stayed with their clothes soaked for hours. But unfortunately, they could not rescue him from the selfish inevitable grip of death. What a sadden end for the old man who was only trying to make ends meet in the market place.

Hmm.. Can you notice something just now? You were actually feeling emotional for the lost of the old man even though it was just a fiction.
When you began to read through the story, it was as if though you were in the market with those people and you were been soaked with them in the rain. You began to imagine how heavy the rain would have been. How the body of the people would have tried to regulate the body temperature by causing serious shivering in order to generate heat. You were able to follow through every steps of my words in that story and it was as if you were part of the people that experienced it.

Now, coming to the descriptions, you accurately visioned a white tinted glass car that knocked down an old man in a tattered clothes on a black glasses. Likewise the description of the young man that drove the car. The colour of his shirt, his tie and his trousers. It was as if you were watching a movie in your mind.

Now watch this, despite the fact that you knew it at the beginning of the story that it was just a fiction, yet as you moved through the lines of the sentences, you began to have some emotional reactions and responses that eventually made you feel sad and sorry for the poor old man. But, you knew it was a fiction, why could you not control the responses you had at the end of the story.?

This is what we called the power of vision. In the previous write up, we considered a topic called "think on these things" and we were able to establish the fact that the mindset you have built for a period of time is what results to totality of the realities your life experiences now.
Now apart from the eyes we use to see our physical world, there is an eye of the mind and it is this eye that controls the real vision. 

Seeing is different from vision. Seeing is an act that involves the physical eyes, vision is an act that involves the eyes of the mind.
Although I didn't play a movie before your physical eyes, yet through the words I created on paper, you were able to see clearly the occurrences and the disaster that happened in that market place . It became so much real that you got to a point where your emotions began to play the harps. That's the power of vision.

We need to understand this great mystery that whatever will find its way to this physical world must first be subjected to the power of the mind. When we say what do you see about your future, we are not talking of the functionality of your physical eyes but that of the mind. It is when you are able to see with that eye, that you can be able to see its reality with your physical eyes.
Going through the archives of creation, the Bible explained that when God began the construction of the earth, there were two powerful tools he used to accomplish it.

• His Eyes and
• His Word

When I say his eyes, am not talking of his physical eye. God in his sovereignty and mightiness also had the eyes of his mind at work in creation. How?
The Bible says for each thing he made, he saw that it was good. Question?, if he didn't have a template of what something good looks like, how is he going to know that what he just created is good or bad?. For example, you can not know that a particular car is bad if you haven't been subjected to the image of a good one in your mind already. So, if I say lets go and get you a brown new Toyota Camry. In your mind, you immediately begin to process that car and what you expect from our outing is that the car has to be brown new and must be a Toyota Camry. So if we get there and I present to you a used Toyota Camry, even if you haven't seen the brand of car before, you will say it is not a new one. Because you already have a picture of what a new car looks like.

That was the same thing that happened in creation. God already had a picture of what a creature like a fish will look like if it is in a good condition. So when he sent his word and the fishes appear, he confirmed it with the image of good fishes that had been formed in his mind to know that it was actually good.

If you will ever birth anything to the physical, it must first pass through the eyes of the mind. The power of vision must first brood on it. You must first see it done in your mind. That's the first step of creation.

Then, the next step after seeing or visualising it in your mind is declaring it. The Bible explained that for every creature created, God operated in a function of declaration. "And God said, let there be... "
This also applies to prayers. Before you make your declarations, you must first have the power of vision brood upon it. You must first see it with your mind. You visualize the result you desire. Then, you make your declarations.

These are the two powerful tools of birthing result in the physical. You see it and declare it. What you see is what you can seize. What you see is what you can become. Then what you declare is what becomes clear to you. It's the tool of creation. You birth your desires to the Physical!