In a certain city of concern was a reign of cataclysm and chaos.There existed a great multitude of inhabitants that was invaded and taken in captives by a mighty terrorists. They broke through the market places,the farms,homes and every veins of the village. Hubbub and terror brooded over the surfaces of every homes and families.
On the brim of sorrow and anguish,they were fed with slavery delicacies for many years. Sons and daughters were born in the palace of great tribulation,bondage and thralldom.Generations rained upon the existence of their servitude.
Through the mighty hands of a warrior sent by an unknown king,there came forth the liberty of the multitude. The venom was poured upon the strength of the terrorists and they became handicap of their power upon them.
Victory at last was the song they rode on as they marched out the territory of slavery they had lost their generations to. They conquered many intruders that had taken over their previous territories with anger that had grown over four centuries. But, there existed a part of their given territories that was inhabited by a particular villagers. 
On the verge of warfare,they decided to send twelve men to go and spy the villagers in order to understand and copy their schedule. Everyone waited until the reports was delivered by these men.
"We have checked their armories and statures,but we are very much unable to conquer them.If we rise against them,we will all be as good as dead meat", ten men reported fearfully.
"Who told you? What makes you think we cant conquer them? We are very much able to bring them down and take our land.!! if we are ever going to take our inheritance,if we are ever going to build our future,if we are ever going to take our world by storm,if we are ever going to live a life of victory and greatness,if we are ever going to be men that the world can recon with,we must not look at the magnanimity of our opposition. We must think and know that we are very much able to bring down every stronghold that might opposes our greatness"!!!. The other two men screamed with passion in their hearts..... 

Hmm,you truly love traveling through the pages of written stories. Smiles. I believe with what you have read,you have been able to understand the pretension behind the write up.

I will like to start with this. The mind is the sit of power. It is the tool for creation and manifestation. The realm of the mind is a very powerful realm that pioneers the realities that exists in this realm governed by the senses.We all know that a man is tripartite in nature. The spirit,the soul and the body. I am not going there today. But, I will like to give some doses and make you understand the diagnosis required for our next level in life.

Life is governed by principles. And until you understand the principles that governs the realities of life,you can never enjoy the fullness of its delicacies. Life will never overlook its principles in order to give any man a result regardless of the personality of such man.Until you have come to learn and understand the ways,precepts and the module operand of its functionalities, you will never be able to maximize life to its fullness.
Great men understands this and that is why they seems to be very successful or fortunate (per say) just the way men have tagged them. Great men are not fortunate men,they are men that met fortune as a result of their engagement with specific life principles.! They understand how to leverage and hire life principles to work for them and pay them with evident results.
See,you can never be able to ride on the tides of the oceans unless you know how to dance to the tune.There is a place of knowledge. Knowing the accurate principles to invoke in order to give you your desired result. Things don't just happened. Things are made!

Now talking about "think on these things",The quality of your life is equals to the sum total of your ideologies and mindset. "Your mindset is your life set". When we talk about "think", we are not talking about the process of ruminating on a particular thing or matter. We are talking about building a structure in the mind.A powerful edifice that makes an abode in the mind. Let me say this,what you have not become in your mind,can not be your reality in the physical. The edifice that has not been completed in the heart or mind can never play out in the physical. But,if you notice,it is called an edifice or structure. Which means it is meant to be built!.

"One of the greatest resources every man has to build his world is the mind."

Until the structure is rested and completed in your mind,it is not yet a mindset. For example,there are some things that has become a perpetual and constant ideology and knowledge that we can always argue it out anywhere if opposed. If as a guy,you are being told you are a lady,are you going to smile and say that is true?.No!. because it has become an edifice, a structure that has been completely built in your mind. So,no amount of oppositions can make you say otherwise. The same thing applies to life matters. Whatever will be a reality in your life must first be built to a structure in your mind.

There are also some beliefs and ideologies that we have all been nurtured with by culture,backgrounds and tribes that has really become an edifice or completed structure in our heart which results in the way our life is now. Some people belief that in their tribe or locality,they don't or cant do this and that. Some belief they cant rise above some certain levels in life because of their cultural backgrounds. All these have coined our life like a blacksmith to an average and frustrated life.  

If we will go far beyond the average. If we are going to break out of every limitations and bondage that has eaten into our existence, we must first of all break down that edifice or mindset that has been built over a long time. And then, you build another one according to the pattern of realities you desire. "Your mindset is your life set". It so much determines how well or bad your life will go.
The word of God says "as a man thinks in his heart,so is he"(proverbs 23:7). Which means without contradictions, the sum total of the mindset a man builds overtime in his heart becomes an edifice that is now birthed to a reality in his life.

Just as the two men above saw a confrontation,they saw an opposition that on the natural it actually looks impossible for them to conquer their enemies. But because they have learnt this powerful principle that it is what you insert into your mind that becomes your reality. Even if failure appears,what you see is what you will see. That which you are seeing is still a mirage until you have birthed it through your mind. Therefore,if you see a failure,it has not yet become your reality until you brood on it and build an edifice of it overtime. 

The some total of your realities now is the total edifice or mindset you have built overtime.
Be responsible for your thoughts. Filter your thoughts with the word of God. "Whatsoever things are true,honest,just,pure,lovely,of good reports,if there be any virtue,any praise,think on these things.!"(Philippians 4:8). Can you see that?... THINK ON THESE THINGS!.Your cultural background,your family,tribe or environmental realities should not build your realities. They cant be thinking or building for you.Be responsible for your thoughts.!

Who told you that you cant rise amidst your family?Who told you that you cant take over that mountain that nobody has ever gotten?Who told you that you cant be successful in the sphere of your choice?Who told you that you cant secure a Job that can feed your world for live?Who told you that sickness is normal?Who told you that poverty is normal?
No! Be responsible for your thoughts. Build your mindset towards whatsoever that is true,honest,pure,just,lovely,of good reports,and of virtue. And you are going to see how your realities will generate the image of your mindset.