Actions are acts on motions. They are not just willful or reflex activities done by us but they are powered in motions. They can be transported from a medium to another. And in this case, actions are transported by the mind. The mind sustains the ability to channel our thoughts and imaginations into actions and enshrined them into a particular location over a period of time.

Many times, we do find ourselves being enslaved to particular actions when we get to particular locations. We just voluntarily or involuntarily do some things that seems to be patterned over the time. And many times, we do wonder why we repeat this cycle of actions when we approach those specific locations. It is only because of the way actions varies with location and this is driven by the mind itself.

Therefore in this little piece, I will be sharing the connection between the mind,actions and the locations. How the mind enshrines actions to different locations and how those actions are retrieved when the locations are approached. The understanding of this mystery will give hope to as many that finds it difficult to change some of their actions or habits that seems unpleasant or unnecessary.

 OK now, There is a way the mind works in accordance with location. I have done outright observation to this phenomena that seems to be a mystery. The mind is enshrined in its location such that the inhabitants of the mind varies per location. For example, the content of the mind is different when you are in the bathroom to when you are in the kitchen or in the bedroom. The mind just don't WORK, it WALKS. And the footprint of the mind is left on the sands of location. As you move from place to place, you register the prints of the content of the mind upon those places. And these contents are retrievable.

So if you can understand this mystery, you won't find it difficult to intentionally engage some actions or habits. For example, myself as an example, I have strategic places I know that once I step into, my mind contents are reshuffled into the contents I desire. So I always prefer to stay in such locations to retain the contents in my mind. Hmm. You know that's why people can't stop some habits. It's not really because of the strength of the habit. It's also because they simply do not change the location that has enshrined those habits. This is the reason why a man can repent from smoking but immediately he passes through the joints where he do smoke before, the urge returns massively.

That's why there are some certain places you will get to that it will seems as if the contents of your mind is emptied and is filled with fresh contents that is tied to the system of that location you are. So, you can leave your room and the only content you have in your mind is what to eat when you come back and as you approach your class, the content changes to the topics you have not read, or test is coming soon, or what if exam comes tomorrow or which assignment have I not done. And if you should leave that location, the contents seems to empty again and as you approach your room, the thoughts of food are uploaded again into the mind. This is the mystery behind actions and locations.

It's a spiritual mystery that functions psychologically. Hope you know every working principle in this earth realm is a spiritual mystery. Hmm. Now you will see the reason why ancient men engages altars in particular locations where they met with God or the realities of God. So, a man can meet with God in a place and the next thing he will do is to build an altar in that place and name it. So, what he did there is to enshrine that possibility of God he met in that place to remain there such that if anytime comes when anyone has to visit that place again, that same reality that was experience can be re-encountered. Those men understood the mystery. It's a mystery of realities and locations.

So, this is it, "IF YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE ACTIONS, CHANGE THE LOCATION". You need to format a reality of you and empty it totally and it seems very difficult to do, what you engage is to change the location that has enshrined that possibility. For example you notice that you can't stop watching movies even if you have exams the next day. What you do is not to try to stop watching movie. What you do is to "leave the location and stop staying there". So try and adopt a wisdom of staying in your friend's place or any other room beside that location.

 It seems so funny or simple but I tell you, results are not born from algebra. They are only products of simple mathematics well engaged. Do you know this mystery also works for memorizing things? It is known as Mind Palace. Just try it. You want to memorize a whole page for example. Divide the whole page into paragraphs and use this mystery. Stay in the kitchen and memorize 1st paragraph. Go to the bedroom and memorize the 2nd paragraph over and over again. Note, after a time, as you step into the kitchen, that same 1st paragraph you memorize in the kitchen pops up into your mind and that becomes your mind contents as long as you are in the kitchen. If you step into the bedroom too, the 2nd paragraph is uploaded!

So, if you want to reengage those paragraphs you memorize in the exam for example. You don't need to start cracking your head to start downloading it. You just open up the first location which is the kitchen and as you enter the kitchen in your mind, the memorized contents of the kitchen pops up and you will download the paragraph flawlessly.

Therefore in conclusion, "IF YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE ACTIONS, TRY TO CHANGE THE LOCATION..." The mind contents are movable. They varies per location. They are enshrined in locations. Therefore they are retrievable. So if for example, you notice that your room has enshrined laziness as reality, what you do is not to try to be efficient. Just change the room over a period of time, engage another location entirely and channel effectiveness into that location. Then, soon that laziness becomes evicted out of the sands of reality in that season.

I hope you have learnt one thing or the other? Thank you for reading. Stay Tune.