Hello friends, I am so sorry it has been a while since l posted. Many fountains to visit. I believe we have been doing cool.
OK, this morning it's going to be a short charge and a little exposition about something very crucial in our walk in destiny.

Journey with me😀

There was a certain night in between the years, I was very much alive and healthy (smiles, that doesn't mean I am not now though). I finished a great bowl of rice with a cup of tea(wow, how I wish I can still eat that much now). Checked the time and I noticed I was behind schedule. The bed had called, yet I was busy not responding (smiles! yeah, you can say I was kidnapped by the two combos on the table). 

I ran as quick as I could, embraced the bed with all ecstasy and warmth. It had been a long and stressful day in school. So, not needing a lullaby I quickly journeyed into sleep. It is always amazing how good food and a very warmth atmosphere can trigger sleep early. (I know you can relate well. Smiles) 

I had been known to be a good friend to sleep. I mean, I could so much sleep all through the night without having to wake up in between the hours. At that age, I grew up with a working principle that "my night is only meant for sleep and nothing else!". But on this faithful night, something unusual happened. 

I just found myself up from sleep. I quickly checked the time and I found out it was still 2am. Seriously! 2am?. My eyes was as clear as a fountain of water. I was breathing fine(if at all maybe I had a bad dream. Smiles). I looked through the windows, corridors and all. The question was why would I be awake? What could be the reason why I am awake? I mean, why on earth will I be awake at this time!?

I decided to sleep, change posture. Took all sorts of dramatic pills. It wasn't enough to bring the sleep. Then, I sat on my bed. Crossed my legs and bent my head. I began to ask myself.

Why am I awake? 

Why am I awake? 

Why am I awake? 

Why would I be awake?!!!! 

 Then all of a sudden within the space of time, just like the voice of a crying multitude, I heard in my heart "We are waiting!!". Before I knew it, the understanding of the voice flooded my heart and I began to see how that the world embedded in me has tarried long for me to awake!!! 

They have stayed long enough for me to awake! I have spent all the night sleeping enough! They cry with agony in their crooked voices! 

Awake to responsibilities!
Awake to birth the solution you are born for! 
Awake to prompt actions to destiny!
Awake to be the saviour your world needs! 
Awake to be the world changer!
Awake to be the man or woman the world cries for! 
Awake to be that man or woman that will change the status quo! 
Enough of sleep without result! 
Awake for the world awaits you! 
You are born for a reason!
You are born for a people! 
You are born for a world! 
Awake! And feed them with their right! 
Their right is your responsibility!
Your responsibility is to be the solution they awaits! 

Just I said earlier. This is a charge to every world changer out there! You are made for more. Awake! The time is now. Whenever you find yourself out of sleep without a reason, it's a call from the world in your loins to awake to responsibilities! That is the reason why you are awake. Why does it have to happen at night? It's because the night reveals the clearest sound. You can't hear their cry in the day. The day is too loud and clumsy. The only time they can get reach to you is the night! So they seize your sleep to tell you awake! 
Stay awake, bring out purpose. Mark out plans, strategies, take those projects, read those books, watch those inspiring purposeful videos, get those skills, develop that brain and feed that mind to birth results. Don't spend your entire nights sleeping! The night is a season for the extraordinary people. Only ordinary men sleep at night! Men of the night are men with sight! Men of vision! 

I rest the Pen here,
God bless you for reading.
Stay Tune
See you next time.
I love you