Have you ever been to a checkpoint where you need to cross into a territory but you are asked to show up or deliver some certain documents for approval to be given unto you. This system of operation is established in order to regulate those that will be accommodated into this particular territory. For example you are driving with so much happiness in your heart and you are trying to meet up an appointment and you are late. Then you get to the checkpoint where you are meant to tender a tag or a document. Then, you find out that you don't have it. No matter how much you are in a hurry, you will be questioned and be delayed of entering. This is the same way success works.

Success has a gate and it has a gatekeeper that checks upon every individual that longs to have business with it. This gatekeepers doesn't recognise who you are. As a matter of fact, irrespective of your identity you can not escape their questioning.

There are three major things the gatekeeper looks for. These are powerful things that governs how a man will be welcomed for success. No matter how fluent, muscular, graced, anointed, or educated you are, if you don't have these three things, you will never be approved for success in any aspect of life. So what are these three things? What are these approvals? Very Quickly;

1. Desire: The first thing the gatekeeper looks out for is a burning desire from the heart to succeed. No matter how much you "love" to be successful in a particular area, if there is no burning desire to see to it that you succeed, it will only be a mirage! It is not enough to love success, you must have an unbending desire for it. An ardent passion for success. A desire that sees nothing but success. So whenever you want to succeed in a thing, you must first build a firic desire in your heart because your results start from the heart! It starts from desire!

2. Discipline: It is not enough to desire to succeed, you must be totally disciplined. You must embrace sacrifice to attain success. Success is a mirage if sacrifice is not in place. You must understand that it is not enough to love success or to desire it, but you must pay the price to attain it. Nothing comes without price. Successful people are not success lovers alone, they are men of sacrifice. Therefore you must be disciplined. Now, discipline is relative to the degree of success you request for. If you really want to get an A when it comes to success, then your discipline must be an A!

3. Desperacy (Determination): Most times life does not give us what we seek or demand for. There are many times that life serves us what we don't deserve compared with our input. You can put your all and still not get it, therefore you must be desperate for result! You must identify a success and determine to stretch your life to get it. If you have tried a million times, stretch again and retry! There is no giving up when it comes to true success! Men that took their world by storm were not too much extraordinary, they were only desperate men. They concluded in their hearts that even though many people has tried this and they failed. I will do it and succeed! Word changers are desperate people. You must be angry for results! You must determine NEVER to stop trying until you get it!
Desperacy and determination is a document you must tender to the gatekeeper for success!

There are no other ways! In every area or sector, be it business, academics, entrepreneur, politics, ministry and all forms of life! These three Ds will always be checked! If you lack any, you are yet not fit for success. Be passionate, hungry for results, pay the price with consistent discipline and be determined never to settle for whatever does not look like success!

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