Kings are men of high rankings and authority. Men that rules and legislates over a territory. They are ancient men of power that governs and exercises dominion over a people and a territory. They are men full of audacious possibilities and realities that is backed up by thrones and sceptres. 
They are also men that has the ability to spread the tentacles of their desires across a territory of government. They are men that sits in high places!
Despite all these they are made of, they still subscribes to a demand to be pleased. They can be pleased and they always want to be pleased. And there are always so much rewards that comes to anyone or anything that could tender that "pleasure" to their throne.

We will be briefly looking at the kind of dance that pleases the kings. What really makes a dance special that can make the heart of a king so long to bless a man and his household in an uncommon way? What is the wisdom behind a particular dance that can open up the store house or treasure of the throne that has been locked and inaccessible to anyone before in centuries. What kind of dance could have made a king vow to do whatever a man request for even to the half of his kingdom?

Sir/ma, there is a wisdom behind such dances. Kings are not fools neither are they kids that are easily pleased. There is a way a dance unlocks their heartbeat no matter the hardness of their heart.
How can you be sure that when you release a particular dance to a king, he becomes irresistible to the effect of the dance such that he will have no choice but to bless you. 
Follow me; 

Matthew 14:6-11

6.   "But when Herod's Birthday was kept, the daughter of Herodias danced before them and pleased Herod."

7.    "Whereupon he promised with an oath to give her whatsoever she would ask".

8.     "And she, being before instructed of her mother, said,  Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger 

9.     "And the king was very sorry: nevertheless for the oath's sake,  and them which sat with him at meat, he commanded it to be given her"

10.    "And he sent, and beheaded John in the Prison".

11.     "And his head was brought in a charger, and given to the damsel; and she brought it to her mother"

Now looking at this scripture, you can see how a specific dance was offered by the daughter of Herodias to Herod the king and flawlessly without stress, the King could not resist the dance. He has to make an oath to reward the girl. Kings can be pleased! And only if you understand how to make them compulsorily reward you, you won't be blessed by them. So what kind of dance moves or pleases kings? 


Times differs in the scheme of things. Ecclesiastes was giving a blueprint of the mystery behind time and it's diversity in functionality. You must understand that you DONT DANCE every time. There are specific times you dance!. You must be able to understand by the spirit "a specific time(kairos)". An opportune time when the king's heart is accessible. Many people just want to appear before kings, but they don't understand the perfect timing. Herodias and her daughter understood perfect timing.

They knew it was the King's birthday. So they perfectly align to it. Am very sure that was not the first time the girl will be dancing. But they strategically waited for a specific time, a Kairos time(opportuned time) when they can present him the dance that will unlock his heart! If you don't understand perfect timing, you will never be able to access the heart of kings.

 Kings can be pleased but there are Kairos times when their heart longs for a dance. Rebecca peeped and quickly position Jacob to present a dance(savour) to Isaac in order to release a generational blessing on him.You will never be able to access the heart of a king if you are just a anyhow dancer. You must know WHEN to present him a dance. The birthday of Herod was a Kairos moment! Herodias and the daughter understood the season! So you see great men and men of mighty influence and greatness and you want them to bless you but you are always running after them to appear before them. 

It doesn't work that way! You must learn to stay indoor and strategically wait for the right season and time when their hearts are opened for a release! That's why many of us aren't blessed by these men. Although we are trying to reach out but we are not meeting them with Kairos! Don't appear before the king when it's not an opportune time!

You want to be blessed by that man of God, wait and carefully watch the timing! Know when the clouds have fully gathered! You want that boss to help you, don't just appear, wait for the time when the cloud has fully gathered! You want that great man to sign and recommend you for upliftment. Don't just appear, wait for the cloud! Check the timing! The difference between a man that walked up to a CEO of a company seeking and pleading for a partnership and he was driven out or not helped and a man that walked upto the same man and he was listened to and approved was the TIMING! One knew when to appear, the other didn't!. It's a powerful mystery. You must always know when to appear for a dance! A dance is a rhythm of request from kings. It will never be approved if the season is wrong! 


Sir, kings have needs! As mighty as they are in authority and dominion. Yet they have needs! Many people do not understand that although they have access to things in their jurisdiction, yet they don't have all things. They are desperately in need too! So you must be able to KNOW and IDENTIFY their needs if your dance will ever please them! 
Let's look at Herod again in that same chapter. 

Matthew 14:2

"And said unto his servants, This is John the Baptist; he is risen from THE DEAD; and therefore mighty works do show forth themselves in him."

Verse 5

"And when he would have put him TO DEATH, he feared the multitude, because they counted him as a prophet."

Now, can you see something there? In verse 2, the king has even concluded John the Baptist dead! Like he already concluded that he is dead. And verse 5 says he would have killed him but he was afraid of the multitude because they know him as a prophet. In order words, the king HAD A NEED! His need was that he wanted to kill John! He already had that desire to kill him but it was not expressible because of the people. This NEED was what HERODIAS saw that made her arrange the daughter to present a dance! She knew the need of the king! She arranged the dance earlier because she saw the need of the king! 

Check verse 8

"And she BEING BEFORE INSTRUCTED OF HER MOTHER, said,  Give me here John Baptist's head in a Charger"

She arranged it! Because she saw the need of the king.That was what made that dance pleasing to the king! 
A dance will never appeal to the king if it's not a dance birthed out of the revelation of the NEED of the king! The need must be known! You don't appear before pharaoh when you don't know he needs his dream to be interpreted!

 You must be able to discern the need of the king! Every king has a need per time. Your ability to discern the need and present your dance will open his heart and his hands to you! Herodias knew the king's need and quickly channeled the daughter to present the dance. Knowing for sure that the king will become handicap and can never resist it! The king could not but ask "What exactly do you want"?. This dance is responding to something I need! A dance birthed from the revelation of the king's need. 
So it is not enough that you understand a perfect timing to approach the king, yet you must understand and know what the king needs!

 I tell you, these are the keys that opens the hearts of mighty kings on their throne and make them handicap no matter how hardened they are! They can give away thrones and kingdoms if only you can understand these keys! Lucifer was willing to give all the thrones and riches of the world to Jesus by telling him just to bow because he had a need which was to receive an aligeance from Jesus and destroy the agenda. But Jesus knew the need and rejected! 

You have been approaching kings, great men, men of influence, honour and men of results. Wanting to be blessed of them but no response. Wait for the season of appearance! And discern their needs! Appear with that conciousness, and see how their heart will be opened for you wide! You want to access that company. You want to seek partnership from companies, organizations and so on.! You want an endorsement from men of power! You want your business plan to be approved and sponsored by throne men and it seems difficult or they are proving rigid, This is a key that can open up their hearts and move their hands to action for you! 

Wait for the opportune time! 
Wait for Kairos! 
Wait for the time of appearance! 
Accurately discern their needs! 
And launch your dance! 
Then watch kingdoms release to you!