In this dispensation and time when there is so much advancement in the dealings of God to the church, we need to come into an understanding of what these dealings are and what are the wisdom that backs them up.

Every season in God comes with several occurrences and wisdom that sponsors them. People do not come fully into what a season entails because they find themselves channeled into some experiences that they can't find understanding of. And on the tracks of ignorance, men begin to lose out from what the season brings. Hence, we must not just be able to understand times and seasons in God, we must also be able to recognise the packages that comes with each season and be schooled on how to deal with them.

Briefly, by the help of the spirit I will be revealing one of the major packages that comes with a SEASON(Kairos March) like this and the wisdom to handle it.

We have been informed by the wisdom of the spirit how that this season entails so much of fulfilment of prophecies. How this kairos(opportune) season opens up portals for many realities in God beyond what we have seen. How men need to press intentionally and be aligned to what God is doing this time.

Now, there is always a major package that comes along with seasons like this. And most times when it comes, men do find it hard to understand the wisdom behind it. Am talking about "the syndrome of fainting" that seems to sweep across the territory whenever a Kairos season is declared.

Many people will suddenly find it difficult to pray, study, fast as they ALWAYS do. Men known for prayers suddenly starts having a set back. Fasting becomes strenuous and very demanding. Studying the word becomes difficult. And on the strength of this seeming "death", the focus and alignment needed for that season is truncated. Hence, the believer misses out completely. People cry and lament and watch their "spiritual life" drains off without any help.

But there has to be an explanation for this. What is the hidden wisdom behind this syndrome that seems to push men out of alignment during Kairos times? I want you to know that some/most times, it is not an agenda of darkness but a package that comes with the season.

Let's look at this scripture

Isaiah 66:8

"Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children."

Our focus is the last part. "...for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children."

This is a hidden wisdom many of us needs to be exposed to. Zion signifies a holy city. A possession of God. A hill of the Lord. It signifies a location that is owned by God. Yet, the Bible says, such possession of God will still come to a point in (her) life when she will TRAVAIL!. And anytime she is subjected to travailing, it is not because she is no more of God, it is because there is a BIRTHING in front of her.
 Although she is of God, yet! A time will come that will subject her to a rigorous act of pain, labour and struggle.
Yet, that time is not a wickedness from God neither is it a disownership or disconnection from God, it is because a reality called BIRTHING is about to be done on her!

Now, let me break this. You are born of God and the Bible says you are the temple of the living God. You are of him. The Bible says in Matthew 5:14
"Ye are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hidden". Meaning, you are a city. That city of the Lord, that Zion that can't be hidden.

Now, the scripture is giving a mighty revelation concerning the growth system of this being called Zion. That, a SPECIFIC TIME(KAIROS SEASON) will come when the main agenda of that time is for Zion to BIRTH FORTH something. But the technology behind the birthing is TRAVAIL. (I call it struggle)

Take a woman for example. The very moment when fertilization occurs in a woman, her Kairos time(opportune) time for BIRTHING starts counting. Now, as she proceeds into that time, one significant thing do happen to her. "Her strength is being taken away from her". She starts finding things that she normally do before difficult. Doing huge chores, running errands, and every other activities becomes very difficult for her. As the pregnancy grows, her strength goes! She gets weaker day by day.

She keeps asking "what is happening to me"? I can't jog the way I do every morning again, I can't do the chores I do very well again. I keep sleeping and getting weak! But Despite the fact that all these are happening to her, she keeps following. Growing with the baby. Keeps pushing it, keeps enduring. Keeps struggling just to wait for that Kairos day to come. And on that day, she is advised to gather all her strength. To push through and give birth! Every forces are on her, yet she is determined to push through! Every strength is gone, yet she is determined to push through! Nobody is there for her, yet she is determined to push through! On that Kairos day, if she doesn't stop struggling and pushing, she gives birth! 

When she starts undergoing this travail at the onset, it is not a function of the fact that she is dying or she is being disconnected from God, it is because A SEASON HAS BEEN DECLARED FOR HER TO BIRTH FORTH A REALITY!, and STRUGGLING is the only way to birth it!!! 

Likewise, many of us find Kairos seasons a time of pain and struggle. We are like the pregnant woman, we starts having issues with things we normally do before. We start having issues with prayers, fasting and studying. Praying for even one hour becomes difficult. Fasting becomes so demanding, the Bible becomes as heavy as the arch of Noah. We find it difficult to wait on God. Many things start happening to us and we keep wondering and lamenting. Saying Lord, what is happening to me? A season like this that requires my full concentration and obedience to sacrifice, yet I am struggling. What is wrong?! 
This is the wisdom that is playing out! In every Kairos time, travail (struggling) is inevitable!!! Labour is legalized! 

Now, anytime you notice this things in your life, be certain that a season is upon you! That is why at such times you will feel so weak to do all those things but a time will just come after your struggling and staying, you just jump up on your feet again stronger and mightier! A birthing just occurred, a new phase and a new height! (That is if you stay through! Aborting that season with complacency is very dangerous!)

So the wisdom you engage at such season is not to stop! DONT STOP! keep pushing! Keep pushing! Keep pushing! Until your time of birthing comes! Don't expect Kairos season to be palatable! It's a season of death! For death is the pathway to Glory! Just as you have heard so much about this season(march), expects so much travailing! And if you are already experiencing this struggle in your prayer life, fasting, studying and all. Don't be discouraged! Don't stop! You are not dying spiritually! It's part of the package for the season! Keep at it! Don't ever see it as a weakness and then withdraw yourself! Your prayers should be "Lord, strength! Give me strength to push through! Give me capacity to travail! To push through this season!"

Don't Quit!
Don't Stop!
Kairos comes with travail!
It is inevitable!