Some times ago, I can vividly remember a particular night when there was such an unfriendly cold in the environment. Every house was locked down and our regular night story culture was disrupted by the cold. We were always sitting round the compound every night to hear tales of tortoise and all his cunny life history. But this specific night, each parent took their kids into the house as the cold whoze around like an angry lion seeking whom to devour.

Everyone could guess which meal would be consulted by every parents in their various rooms. If it's not a hot tea, it would be a hot pap. My mum decided to prepare a hot tea for everyone after we shouted in contest and agreement to take tea instead of pap. My younger brother and I has always loved drinking hot tea because of this awesome way mum do prepare it-a mixture of milk and honey.

As the aroma of the tea journeyed from the kitchen down to the sitting room, we waited with gigantic expectation such that we began to salivate even as as the cold make us shiver. This desire therefore aroused so much in us that we wanted to have it in a hurry. And then we decided to see who will be the first person to finish off the tea.
On arrival, the euthasiam and desperation to take the tea made us grab the cup and forget the hot state of the tea. We neglected the spoon and pour it straight into our mouth and in a minute, you can guess what kind of condition we found ourselves.

The hotness of the tea grasp the four corners of our tongue and cheeks, and burnt it mercilessly. We groaned and shouted in pains as we dropped the cup hurriedly! Our tongue hurt so much that we could literally feel burning sensations all over the tongue.
Mum rushed down to us and after seeing what happened, she laughed pitifully at our ignorance and childish behavior. She said "You don't take a hot tea at once but gradually. You stir and then you sip!". Your desire for pleasure should be tamed and regulated! Pleasure is good but it kills when it is not controlled!

Desires are hotly served in the mind but must be channeled patiently for achievement. Every desire that is not tamed and controlled will kill beyond recognition. Learn to stir it! And sip it! Gradually. Dont be in a hurry to achieve. Be patient. Desires will come but stir it. Stirring it is "giving it time" for the hotness to give way. The hotness is what kills.  Stirring will burn out its hotness and makes it harm-free. Then you sip gradually! Sipping is "taking one step at a time".

Life is a symphony of process. Whatever you rush to do will crush you. We had a desire to satisfy but we couldn't give it time (stir it) and we didn't take a step at a time (sip it). Then we landed being hurt severely! Tame your hurriedness to achieve. Tame your hot desire to become. Tame your hurriedness to quickly attain some heights in life. Tame your hot desire to make money and wealth! Be careful of being too consumed by your own desire.

You are not to be in a competition with anyone. We wanted to know who will finish the tea first. We forgot to stir! We forgot to sip gradually!And we learnt our lesson the hard way.  Many of us are so much in a hurry because we want to come first in achievements. We want to beat our colleagues! We want to produce results as fast as possible! Therefore, we neglect the processes for achievement. Nothing kills faster like impatience. Nothing buries faster like competition.

You have a goal, you have a desire, you want to become someone tangible and extraordinary, you want to achieve your dreams, you want to make tangible achievements. Stir it and Sip it! Give it time and take a step at a time! Don't embrace short cut to get there. Don't run more than you can go. It is true that Rome was not built in a day. Be ready to grow up not go up!