The diversity of human behaviour and the complexity of their actions has made humans the most powerful and distinct creatures ever created. You know, man even showed some traits to divinity that made HIM wonder if they were the works of his hands. Yet, man still remain the hallmark of HIS creation. The peak of his creative power ever revealed in all times.

And over the ages, we have seen several altitudes, reactions, responses, behaviours and countless revelations of the diverse sides of man. We have seen man being brutal and other times very caring and loving. Sometimes very reluctant, other times yielding. Stubborn, aggressive, yet influenced. Full of envy, jealousy and other times not moved!. We have seen people show themselves in a way that is unfathomable.

And looking at this critically, we can begin to deduce some rules by which man operates. Some principles that governs their reactions and responses. The truth is, man's behavior can not be completely known but there are patterns of actions that could be studied and has been studied over time to predict and give accurate perspective to his moves!

Hence, in this writing series, I will be giving us some powerful and intriguing rules of people. These are proven patterns that has been studied over the years. These are human behaviours that has become rules in the scheme of things. Our most advanced environment is People and if at all we want to relate well with this environment, we must understand the RULES that governs it!. We must understand people if we will ever survive here! The truth is, many of our problems with people are resultant effect of our lack of understanding of how people operate and work! Hence, we are here to talk about few but very powerful ones that will help our understanding of people.
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  1. You can not be loved and accepted by everyone: I sincerely wish every man on earth can understand this simple truth! This is one of the most powerful rules of people that many don't understand. And unfortunately, many has died, committed suicide just because they lack this understanding. Listen!, people naturally have who they love. No matter how much you do just for them to love you. You must understand that everyone can not love and accept you. Even the most wonderful persons on earth have their enemies and their critics. Stop running a race that will kill you. People have their people. Can I tell you that again, people have their people. You can't be accepted by all, it's not possible. Even if you are giving financial empowerment everyday. Think of it, if God that gives lives still has some people that writes him off, who are you?! This is a very important rule you must know. This will help you to understand how to deal with people. You are doing all your best in your field and many people are being blessed and are commending your great work but yet you find some certain sets of people being disgusted by your works. Full of hatred and refuses you! Don't begin to panic and start wondering what you have done wrong! It is a rule! Everyone can not love you and not everyone will accept you. If you don't learn this, you will spend all your life trying to please men and you will end up leaving behind your assignment, goals and purpose! In everything you do, you have your own people. Have you ever wondered why despite countless of businesses, ministries, jobs, offices, platforms, organizations, companies, schools, etc that we have, none of them lack people! You will wonder that no matter how good an organization is, some people won't accept them while some will. And no matter how bad a place, company, ministry or even business is, it will have its own people! Learn this! In life, business, relationships, schemes, you must understand this rule! You can't be generally accepted. You have your people! Stay with your assignment. Keep at what you are doing. Be focused and don't allow any critics(because they will come) to disturb you. What can you do? Just learn and move on! The best of people still have their enemies! Live your life and keep at your goal without being distracted
  2. People will only identify with you when you have uncommon relevance: Your relevance is the force that keeps people around you. When you stop being relevant, be prepared to start losing people. This is not because people are bad. It is because, men are naturally made to respond to results. They can't stay in a place that commands no result! Have you wondered why a man that was never known before just rise of a sudden and become well known, popular and has his name in the lips of all men. Why? What has changed? His relevance! He began to produce a certain result that made men to start noticing him. His results started presenting his name in the atmosphere and people began to see his name floats in the sky. That's how people are known! Uncommon relevance will make people look for you and stay with you. I tell you, until you are relevant, you can't command people! You can't! Being relevant is being uniquely productive. Having a specific value system being converted to productivity. People will never identify with a person that has no relevance! It's a rule. You either get a productive value system or you forget about power with people. What can you do? Be relevant! Be relevant! Don't just do something, do something uncommon, unusual! You don't, you lose people.
  3. People naturally envies and fight results: Show me a man doing well, and I will show you many people that are not happy! It's true! It's a rule. Now listen, the reason is not that people are necessarily bad, no, it's just that according to the nature of man, man never wants to feel inferior. So any kind of result from another man that is superior to what he has gotten will naturally make him feel like he is lower and inferior. The inferiority complex now rises above normal. Then, envy, hatred and jealousy comes in. You must learn how to manage such situations as you rise and as you produce results. Don't be too amazed when you are being fought when excelling, you really can't expect everyone to be happy. It only takes men that God has dealt with to be happy at results from other men. It really takes God. Go and check every man doing well, every organizations, companies, groups, places that are doing well, men will ALWAYS fight and criticize them. What can you do? Keep doing well, don't stop. Keep loving people and never stop just because you are criticised. They will come but don't let them stop you!.

 The purpose of this post is not to make you start hating people. Let love leads always.  It's just to give you understanding of how people naturally respond to their environment. And to give you wisdom of how to handle it when the coin rolls against you. I believe you have been blessed and learnt a few things. We will continue next time. Stay tuned, Share and make sure you comment below. Thank you for reading. God bless you!