Man is a spirit. He possesses a body for habitation and then he has a soul. The functionality of the soul is to act as a bridge by which the spirit (real man) can interact with the body. That is, the spirit being able to interact with the things of the spirit(the spirit realm), and the body being able to interact with physical things (the physical realm). Hence, the soul serves as the intermediary between these two realms such that if any transaction will ever exist between the realm of the spirit and the physical realm, it MUST and of a necessity pass through the soul! 

You will agree with me now that the soul is a very vital jurisdiction of man. Note that I didn't call it a part of man. Why? It is because this way, a particular place(usually small) that serves as a border between two great nations will not be called a part of either of the nations. It will only be named "the border" because it is not a part of either nation. But watch this, despite the fact that it can not be identified with any of the nations geographically, yet, none of those nations can make transactions between each other without consulting the border! No matter how much they hate or despise the border, it remains in charge! If the border is affected by any natural disaster, both nations are limited from movement. In fact, both of them are likely to be affected by the disaster. 

This is the same principle that applies to the soul. The soul is a territory, a jurisdiction by which no activity can be done between the spirit man and his physical environment without passing through it. It is a channel where results are transported! Hence, it is the pillar that sustains the realities of both realms. I hope you know that a link or a channel between two things or places is the strength of those things. For example, a built bridge that is made between two mountains is the strength of that process. If by any means, anything happens to that bridge, movement and the ability to engage the realities of both mountains have been affected! 

I took time to give so many illustrations so that you can see that the soul realm is very powerful and crucial. Most times, it is the one we always ignore as humans. We are very conscious of our physical world (through the body) and our spiritual world (through the spirit) but we find little time to focus on our soul. Hence, the devil always leverage on our ignorance by focusing on that which we do not take serious.

The soul becomes what he hungers for in every man. The soul of man is his interest! If he wants to get a man, he doesn't really target the body and his spirit, what he does most times is to capture his soul by planting a particular seed of information in him. This is because he knows that whatever affects that soul realm will ALWAYS find its way to affecting the other realms! This seed begins to germinate and then corrupts his whole system. Hence, in a short while, his spirit and his body will be affected! That is the technology that the devil uses to cast his influence like a garment upon men. He goes for the souls of men! The Bible understands this and it was explained in different verses of the scriptures e.g 3 John 1:2 that "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth". The Bible was so specific that above every other thing, the prosperity of your soul matters a lot! No matter how you prosper in other realms, if you lose your soul, you are gone! As a matter of fact, once you lose your soul, your spiritual life is automatically gone, even if your body prospers. 

Compartment of the Soul
All these illustrations reveal that the soul realm or our soul is very paramount to us even as spirit beings. We can understand that since the soul is so important, then, everything that makes up the soul is also very vital to our lives. Hence, a recall that we know that the soul consists of the will, mind, and the emotions. These are the fragments of the soul.
When we talk of the personality that deals with the production and management of thoughts, the MIND is in charge. The mind coordinates the production and the management of every thought that is orchestrated in the soul realm.

The Mind And The Flow Chart
Psychologically, the mind brings about patterns by which results take place. We have EVENTS to THOUGHTS to FEELINGS to BEHAVIOR and finally to CONSEQUENCES. 

This flow pattern reveals the inherent power that lies in our thoughts! Watch this, events are inevitable, unpredictable and can't be stopped from happening, but our thought is the place in the flow chart that we have access to, can control and decide. Note that the decision or choice of our thoughts determines the rest of the equation! 

For example, you are on your bed sleeping at home, all of a sudden you hear a loud noise. Then you thought in yourself that armed robbers just entered the street and they are possibly robbing people of their possessions. You run out of your bed and begin to breathe heavily as you reach out to your phone to call the police. Your rest is terminated and you lose your peace. Another person sleeping at home heard the same loud noise and thought in herself, it's just the neighbors' kids playing. She returns to sleep and enjoys her full rest. The main difference in the consequences of both scenarios is the THOUGHT PATTERN of the two women!(which could have possibly been built over time). The choice of their thoughts determined the consequences and the results they exhibited. 

This is a powerful principle that determines our realities! Our thoughts determine who and what we become. Why? It is because our thoughts will determine our feelings, our feelings will determine our behavior or character (which means our actions over time) and our actions will determine our consequences. Hence, the consequences we are exposed to will determine our DESTINY! This is why you must be very careful on what you choose to think of! You must be very intentional about your thought pattern! 

The Bible says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"(Proverbs 23:7). Meaning without contradiction, what a man becomes is the function of what he thinks. The clone copy of the thought pattern of a man is his outward reality! Thoughts are very powerful. What you think is what you become! 

The Principle Of Meditation
Someone may be asking, how does my thought actually become my reality? How can my thoughts pattern be powerful enough to decide my destiny for me? I will tell you. It does it by the principle of meditation. The principle of meditation is one of the most powerful principles in the creative world. This principle is what some men (details withheld) engage that enables them to channel the soul power to "drag" things that exist in the realm of the spirit into the physical world. How? You will see them sitting for hours, days, even weeks, closing their eyes and focusing or meditating on a particular thing. This generates a gigantic amount of soul energy and they use the energy they have gathered to birth that thing from the spirit realm. (I won't go further) 

Meditation in its pure form is a way by which you can actually birth the reality of a thing. Something that exists in the spirit realm, you can "buy" it into existence here in the physical. It's just like the spirit realm is a market and the currency by which you buy things there is meditation. The physical realm being the home. As I said earlier, the soul is the channel by which results are bought from the spirit realm to the physical. Hence, if you are going to be a very productive person, you must be a powerful man of meditation! 

Nothing exists in this physical realm that did not find their way here from the spirit realm. Everything you see today in this realm, first existed in that realm. Men birthed them here through meditation! Every invention, discovery, idea, and so on, were birthed from that realm. And they came to existence because one or two men came together and began to "brood upon the surface of the waters"(I'll speak on this some other day) to birth SOLUTION! Hence, every man that will be a solution to his generation must know how to meditate deeply! "The surface of the waters" is symbolic to the center point of a problem! The Bible says in Genesis 1:2 that "and the earth was without form and void!" but what the Holy Ghost did was to go to the root and center of the problem which was "the surface of the waters" and he began to brood on it!
He located the root and the center point of the problem!
 The surface of the waters still exists in our realm today. There are many problems in the vicinity, but looking at them deeply, they have roots and center point, major things that cause those problems. Hence, as a man that desires to proffer solution to those problems, you have to look for the root or the center point of the problem and begin to brood on it. The more you meditate on it, the more you get close to birthing light! A man that is short of meditation will never birth ideas that can shake the world, will never invent witty and powerful inventions, and will never produce powerful discoveries. 

What gives thoughts power is the act of meditation. When you conceive a thought and you begin to dwell on that thought, after a while you will begin to see that thought coming into reality. Why? You have journeyed to the spirit realm with your generated soul power (as currency) and have bought the copy of that thought to existence in the physical! 

In Conclusion
You must guard your heart with all diligence (Provers 4:23), because out of it is the issues of life! Your thought is what seeks after you! Your thought is what you become. You can not be a man that wants to shake nations and in your thought pattern, you never crossed your village, you will never see the nations! You cannot be a man that wants to pull a massive result in your generation and your meditation power is very low, you will never birth anything. Pioneers are great thinkers. Men that birth civilizations and inventions are great men of meditation. You have control over your life when you control your thoughts. Think and meditate right.

The Power of Thoughts And Meditation