Hello Great people! 

How have you been and I hope you haven't missed me too much? Smiles, 

I am very much sorry. I have been busy with so much just to make sure progress proceeds. So, out of my sincerity, I have come to show you why I have been away. And here it is! 

The Way To The North! 

That's a Full Book! Oh my God, that's great right? Yeah thank you! 

 And so, You will need to read this; 


In the compendium of knowledge and facts, we got the understanding that life is a journey. A journey that does not just dance to the tune of uncertainty but can be predicted by choices! Hence, the quality of our journey in life and the destination we will find ourselves are dependent on the total number of choices we make. 
The difference between a man that stumbled in the journey of life and the one who didn't is light (knowledge and wisdom) 
"The way to the North" is a book that will open your eyes to the powerful biblical and wisdom truths of 
- How a man can navigate his way to the realm of success and greatness in the journey of life?
- The keys that serves as compasses for successful men that have journeyed to the top? What did they know? 
-What did they engage that others did not? 
Through an in depth study of the word, the leading and the Help of the Holy Spirit, these truths were birthed. 
Sit back, read and be mightily missed!

All thanks to God for the great help He rendered to get this done. It's a full book scripted under the leading and the tutelage of the Holy Ghost. Full of light, wisdom and understanding. Hence, I have brought it to you for you to get a copy. Don't think twice, it's a book that will bless you mightily. 

Check out the Introduction;

Yummy, it's a good read right? Yes, the hard copy is available. Likewise the soft copy. Now, let's hurry, How can you get your own soft copy? Very simple. Just use any of these methods below; 

1. https://paystack.com/pay/tl219bft2e

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Then the download link will be widely opened to you. Read and Be blessed!. Thank You. 


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I am really persuaded that you will be hugely blessed. Get your copy now and not later! Love you!