I had a dream recently that brought my attention to something profound. A lady met me in that dream and it seemed like she was so happy because she had just experienced something exciting. So I asked her what it was and she said: "An angel walked up to me in my dream and fed me with heavenly manna".  Heavenly manna? My heart stopped a bit, I couldn't help it but give that sharp response. She said emphatically, Yes sir! She believed she has just had a wonderful encounter. And then I said to her, that is not an angel! That should not be! I said wait, "have you seen such happened in the scripture before?" That an angel will meet men in their dream and feed them with a meal?(it's very rare). She said no. So I said to her, "what then makes you think that was an angel?"

As the dream wrapped up, God opened my understanding that the state the lady has found herself is the state many believers are today. Many people are being deceived by several experiences that they are having which are not in accordance with the scriptures just because they are desiring bogus realities and experiences. He added that "many have left the sincere milk of the word in search of things that are hard and bogus and that is why the devil is dealing with them daily. It is not because they are not children of God but because they have decided not to be fed with the "milk of the word" first, hence, their growth is stunted! 

Hence, I decided to bring to us a wisdom locked in the corridors of the scriptures; "desiring the sincere milk of the word"

When a child is born, it becomes something very delighting. Everyone comes around to celebrate with the parents (especially the mother) because they have been able to reproduce a child. But do you know that everyone, including the parents, always expect one thing from the child and that is what? Growth. The child is accepted in his state but no one will permit the child to remain in that state of babyhood. 

Hence, by the wisdom of God fashioned inside the structural composition of the mother's body, the system of feeding that would enable the child to start his growth process would be consulted. The mother begins to feed the baby with breast milk. Meanwhile, it is very much expected that whether the child likes it or not, the process of breastfeeding must at least be done for 6 months before other kinds of meals will be introduced! If the child, the mother or anyone else decides to truncate this process at anytime less than the required time, the growth of the child is at a serious stake.

What does that tell us? Babyhood might not be accepted but it is required. That stage must be passed no matter the strength of the destiny or purpose of a child. Even if you are born to be the president of all nations, you must still partake in this meal at the early stage of your life! In fact, your negligence of partaking can truncate that purpose of yours in life because your growth and health is necessary for the fulfillment of your mandate in life! 

So the Bible says in 1 Peter 2:2 that "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that he may grow thereby".
There are four words in that scripture that I want us to look into closely. 

  • desire
  • sincere
  • milk of the word
  • grow thereby. 

We understand the word "desire" but I will like to start with the word "sincere". It means true, pure and honest. The usage of this word is giving us wisdom that our growth in God is tied to how much we come in contact with "true, sincere and honest" word of God. Sincerity connotes "no addition". The exact way it was written and interpreted by the one that gave the inspiration- the Holy Ghost should be followed and ultimately received. No addition! 

Now,  when we talk of the "milk of the word" (this is where I'm going), it is a statement used to symbolize the first feeding system of believers. As believers, it is expedient that we understand that our first feeding system is synonymous with that of "milk". Now, the word "of" means "a fraction of a whole". Meaning, the word of God can be milk or solid food (perhaps meat and bone) but the first system of feeding must be that of "milk"!

Just as a child can not decide not to be fed with milk if he wants to grow well and healthy, believers also must understand that our growth in God must be dependent on the "basic truths" of the word! Our negligence of the basic truths is what causes the stuntedness in our growth nowadays! Most times, we seek meat and bones and we neglect the "milk".

Paul told the Corinthians "I fed you with milk, not solid food; for you were not yet able to receive it. Even now you are still not ready." (1 Corinthians 3:2). He told them the necessity of being fed with the basic truths before being exposed to solid food. 

In Hebrews 5:12(AMP), Paul spoke again, "For though by this time you ought to be teachers [because of the time you have had to learn these truths], you actually need someone to teach you again the elementary principles of God’s word [from the beginning], and you have come to be continually in need of milk, not solid food". 

I am not here to condone babyhood Christianity. Just as I said earlier, no one wants the child to remain a child. I have only come to let us understand that babyhood and "it's feeding system" is a system we all must subscribe to if our growth in God will not be stunted. The danger the negligence of this is causing in our generation of "God-seekers" is that we are not grounded well and enough! Hence, it is easy for the devil to toss us to and fro and deceive us till he robs us of our realities and identity in Christ. If only we can sit down and be thoroughly furnished in that which is basic, sincere and true of the word of God, we will ride in dominion beyond our comprehension! 

It is the understanding of the basic truths resident in the word that we can also discern prophecies! Many people have lost their souls just because they tried to war with prophecies that do not tally with the word of God. Many have desired the angelic and immortal realm and the experiences thereof (which is not bad in themselves) but have collided with things that are not of God because they lack the basic truths. The truth is, those realms we desire in God are not bad in themselves but they will be acidic to us if we are not first grounded in that which is basic and simple enough! 

Very quickly,  what are the characteristics of "milk" in comparison to the word of God? 

1. Milk is only found resident in the mother's breast: Isaiah said something profound - 49:15 "[The Lord answered] “Can a woman forget her nursing child and have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you."
It is like the Lord was comparing himself to a mother that nurses her child with milk. Now, as milk is only resident in the mother's breast, the milk of the word can also only be found in God! Meaning, you can't get it anywhere else! It is only resident in Him alone. That's why the word "sincere" also means "pure". The genuine milk of the word must be, what God says alone and not what man or the devil says! If we will grow in God, we must subscribe to the "milk resident in our mother- The Lord!" 

Many times, we interpret scriptures with our head, with what people say, with what our traditions and cultures say or by what the devil says in our hearts. We don't take the word the way God says it. So for example, when the word of God says "Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 43:19 AMP), we start limiting the potency of that word by our senses and situations.  Meanwhile, the basic truth that that scripture is trying to teach us is that no matter the situation, He, God, can step into it and cause a turn around -even in the deadliest situations! 

The Bible says in Matthew 19:26 "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.". This scripture alone teaches us the basic truth that nothing is impossible for our God! 

Until we humble ourselves to be fed of the "milk"- the basic truths resident in God's word,  we will keep rising and falling as the devil toss us to and fro because what brings man down is not bogus things but lack of simple truths! So, now you can see that victory and dominion on earth is not necessarily dependent on your understanding of deep matters in God but in the "milk- the basic truths of His word"! And these basic truths must only be gotten from Him- our mother, not words from any tradition, culture, our situations or what our senses have taught us! 

2. Milk is liquid, not solid: This reveals the simplicity of the word. As I said earlier, our pursuits of bogus and gigantic "Rhemas" is good but will not be profitable to us if we are not first grounded on the basics. A child that refuses to take milk but chases solid foods around will only harm himself. Why? Because his systems have not been well built enough to handle such foods.

In fact, taking "solid food" in God is not about "Rhemas". It is about being schooled and trained in the wisdom locked in the mysteries of God's kingdom. It is understanding how the kingdom operates and how the dealings of God are fashioned! It is never about bogus, deep words or mystical experiences (as good as they are). Hence, even in "solid food", the basic truths of God's word are still to be known! 

And we must, therefore, come to the realization that the basic truths of God's word must be well taken by us if our growth in God will be tailored properly and if we will survive the tides of darkness that is ahead of time! 

In conclusion, this word is coming to us this season so that we can retrace our steps back and embrace the simplicity of the word. Many of us have deliberately or unintentionally sidelined the dealings of God for our lives on the "basic truths of His word" because we think we are more than those things and we should not be feeding on them anymore but on deep things. 

God wants to teach us the basics in the secret place! Saying, Son, Just stay on this first! Understand my faithfulness and the things around it. Understand my love, know how my mercy works, understand forgiveness, sit and learn about my feelings and how I see things. But most times, we always want to run into what we term "deep fountains of mystical things" and in the end, we are less profited! 
Let's stay with the Holy Ghost and learn the basics so that our foundation can be rigid and firm! 

Thank you for reading,  God bless you. I love you.