The whole world groans in complexity day by day. Intruding into the time frame that the whole inhabitants was bound with.
Many of us has been cheated by our tenacity to survive. Doing all our best to make sure we make all earns meet. Yet, it seems the ends refuses to have a meeting point. As wonderful and good as it is to make the ends meet, we still need to see the disaster behind our endless and insatiable pursuit.

Every roads get busy day by day by men who are afraid to face the consequences of hunger and a life of low standard. Day by day, the prices to survive becomes more unbearable and this has streamlined our way of life and ideologies to that which  we never prepared for.

We need to come to the understanding that life is more than we just surviving alone. There is a more reason to life. We are not here just to struggle our way through the inches of life. There is more to our existence than this recycling rat races that seems to have no end. 

Growth is the reason to life. Yes, growth!. But hear this, Growth in structure not just in stature(stature in the sense of bodily development and self material achievements). The very reason why our world is still like this is because the inhabitants has only being growing in stature and not in structure. Therefore, we keep having men growing in muscles and beards who only keeps up with a rat race to get the best out of life and make themselves a very comfortable life. They journey through life in circles.

Everyone wants to get a nice job, a great mansion, a nice pay, a great workshop, a lovely wife and kids, best schools for the kids and so on. As great as these things are, they are only mirror images of how life has redefined our purposes of existence to us.  We have been swallowed by the fact that growth is in stature. We pay more attention to this rat race and hope that someday we are going to get the best out of life. Nobody ever wants to look at the other side of the coin and decide to pay the price to deliver the dying world. We all just want to get the best for ourselves alone.!

Well, it's amazing how men pursue life while it sits scornfully pursing their ages. The disaster is that after many years of this endless race, some will see how much they have ran during the ages with nothing to write home about. Many will find it difficult to make an account of what they have really spent their time for. Really, to what end is all our races and struggles? Can't we see that we have been imprisoned by our own insatiable appetites?

Decades and centuries has passed. Countless men and women has journeyed through this world. Yet, we can only find few of them having their footprints left on the sands of time. What is their secret? Were they different beings with different personalities?. What makes them so special that the wind of time finds it difficult to erase their footprints?.Why are some people's voice still resounding in the schemes of time?. Why is it that some men are dead while some are still living in the dead.? Why can't we hear the voice of some men again.?Why? Because some men decided not to live and participate in this rat race. They decided to take their world by storm. They decided to effect a change in the systems of the world. They decided to make sacrifices that will stop sacred crises. They decided to make the world a better place not just for themselves alone!. And because of this unbending desperacy to achieve this, they invoked the principles of growing in structure.

They gave their time to grow in structure and not just in stature. They paid attention to the development of their minds. They paid so much attention in breaking the barriers with their values. They decided to develop an irresistible values for themselves that they can introduce to their world. They paid the price for growth and not think like ordinary men that only wants to run a rat race and get the best out of life. And after a long time working, there was birthed an effective structure which became too massive for the world to resist. Hence, the world had no choice but to never recover from their impacts.

My question to you, what can you offer? What value do you have or are you pursuing that can swallow your world.? What value do you have that can register your footprint on the sands of time.? Have you also fall victim of the rat race mindset?. Have you only been thinking of you becoming and get the best out of life.? What will qualify you to keep living even when you are dead.?

Men that focused on "growing in structure" don't die. They live forever.
What is your focus? Don't just want to grow in stature and keep walking in obesity and luxury in pot belly. Yet, you are empty in vision,content and finally impact. Build your mind, develop yourself. Pay attention to building a resounding structural value that even if the whole world snores, their eyes will be wide open when you make a sound.!. Grow in structure and not just in stature!, Feed your minds and not just your mines.!
Think on these things...!

Next time on the pen's tribe, we will be talking on the principles of growth. How we can effectively grow in value and change the status quo.
Till then, stay tuned and be blessed.

Such a wonderful moment to be privileged again by the king Father and to give voice to the murmurs of the living Pen. All Glory belongs to him.