Going through the archives of times and studying the forces that regulates this world we live in, I have so much been amazed at how life has really shown to humanity that Newton's first law of motion is inevitable to any transaction we want to do with it. 
It is really amazing how men pursue life when it sits scornfully in a corner chasing and leveraging on their ignorance. 
Oops, don't mind my manners, I was lost in between the thoughts I created. Seems amazing?Please never mind. You are welcome once again to the Pen's Tribe and today we will be looking into a subject matter called the Inertia Syndrome.
Now, without wasting the precious words, we all know that a syndrome means a disease, or disorder that involves particular signs and symptoms. Simply put, a syndrome is a disease! And note that a syndrome comes with some particular signs and symptoms. A syndrome can not exist without having some specific signs and symptoms that justifies it's presence.
Talking about Inertia, the lack of movement or activity especially when a movement or activity is needed to be carried out.! Note this definition. "when a movement or activity is needed to be carried out". Many of us are really suffering from this syndrome. It is a syndrome that exists in our "being" which has been the main cause of our stagnancy and our seeming unproductive life.
Inertia syndrome has kept many of us in the cages of intentions. We have always been increasing the fatness of our to-do lists in destiny. Yet, we have little or no productivity because we never converts those plans and intentions to effective actions.
If you can have the opportunity to ask an average man about what he has on his to-do list, plans, agenda and intentions. You are going to be amazed at the gigantic intentions that if only they can be brought out of the dream world, are going to change the entire world.
Many times, our intentions grow their tentacles wide into a bright future but there are no actions to drive us into their realities. I have heard many people saying to themselves "I am going to start this tomorrow". I am going to start that tomorrow" but when you later come across with them and you ask if they have converted their intentions to actions, they funnily replied with a "No".
The truth of the matter is that many of us are suffering from this syndrome. Many are even helpless, they are tired of being pregnant of intentions that never comes to reality.

What are the signs of this syndrome? 
The common visible sign of this syndrome is low or no productivity which results from consistent procrastinations. Many people with beautiful project plans have found it difficult to get it done because of this simple word "Start".They keep on procrastinating the actions either through laziness or having the mindset that time is still smiling at them. But we have failed to understand that time was never meant to initiate the achievement of our  plans. Time was only meant to give boundaries to our existence and dealings in this world.

So, what can be done?
"If we never do business with actions, our intentions will never make us a profit."
The simple solution to the inertia syndrome which always seems difficult but effective is just to "start".
I have come to understand that nothing will ever start itself. Initiating a thing is never left to anyone but the man itself.
 Isaac Newton didn't just give a law of motion in physics. He actually peeped into the principles of life and revealed one of the very vital secrets of life. "A substance or a matter will remain in the state of rest or inertia until a force is acted upon it.!" The only way to start is just to start.! When you begin to think of where to start from, then you will become infected with this syndrome.
Hold on to that key and just start.! You have been having intentions for long without actions just because you don't know where to start from. Just start from somewhere.! Once the ignition is done, the direction will come. Many times, we have aborted several journies that would have landed us in great places in destiny. But because we have been diagnosed with this syndrome, we find it difficult to press the ignition button all because we seems not to have the map.
We do seems not to know the destination but actually, the destination is already revealed in the intention. The only thing to do is to start the ignition. Many of us have passions and desires to write, to sing, to do many powerful things. But we always do stop in the junction of passion and intention. No action.! Hence we keep staying in a spot.
See, it does not require you to start big. Although you will grow big but you can start with something. Men do grow to greatness. They don't start with greatness. But they overcame the inertia syndrome and they run through the pathway to greatness.! That which you have planned and have intended to do, map and plan it out. Then just start! Just start! Forget about the destination, kick the ignition first and run with it.
Let me end with this quote, "You might never be able to achieve anything in life until you overcome the inertia syndrome". Overcoming the inertia syndrome is standing up from your sit and hitting the ignition button. Don't wait till eternity. Nothing will ever happen unless you make it happen.
Start it now...!!!