Previously, we were able to go through a fragment out of the compositions of life's structure. We considered one of the most vital and inevitable substance that exists in the organization of life.

Life is an embodiment of times and seasons. And for each layers of time that breathes upon it, there is always an effect seen. This effect is known as growth. Growth occurs to every substances either living or non living thing that is seen upon the surface of the earth (Although the growth of living things are more visible than the non living ones). 
As times and seasons breathe upon life, the inhabitants becomes affected. This makes them inevitably subscribe to a development that surpasses their understanding.

Just as we said last time, growth is the very reason to life. Life will not be on track without the effect of growth seen. Unless it has ceased from existing. Now, as earlier known, every living thing has life and here we are dealing with growth in humans. We were able to establish the fact that growth occurs in two main forms. In stature and in structure.

When we say in stature, it means the bodily development which is a result of several process that takes place in the body of a man. This kind of growth is involuntary and can not be altered unless there are pathological issues with the body system. Also, growth in stature means the achievement of a man materially. Coming to a place of stature and ranking in social status. Being rated according to net worth and financial success. An increase in wealth, power, buildings, and so on. This can also be referred to as growth in stature.

The second kind of growth is the structural growth or growth in structure. It is concerned about the inbuilt value that a man has which is capable of coordinating his impacts upon his territory and his world in general. His structural value speaks of how much he has built his intellects, mind, ideologies, virtues and final knowledge to cause a landmark and long lasting solution to the problems existing in his world.

Therefore, the relevance of a man is tied to how much value he has. His relevance depends on how much of value he has delivered to his world. How much of solution he has been able to provide for his groaning world.This is the only way we can differentiate real men from boys. Real men are men of values. Men that pays attention to making long lasting impact to their generations. And because of this inward hunger in them, they begin to labour in building values that can feed their desire.

As great and wonderful as growing in stature can be, it is only temporal and has no voice after the demise of the individual. What gives a man an eternal voice even after his death is how much of impact he has delivered to his generation. And a man that only pay attention to growth in stature will only die like mere men with no reference to their existence.Therefore, there is a great need that we don't just grow in stature but in structure so that our world can be a better place to be for the upcoming generations.

Now that we have established the fact that growth is needed structurally, we will be looking into the pathway by which growth takes place and what are the vital keys to consider in order to make an effective growth in values and in what we do.
  1. PRECISED PURPOSE: A building will never grow when it has no definite location. Whatever will grow will first have a purpose. For anything to grow, it must first be well defined. Purpose is very important in a place where growth is considered. You know that you want to deliver an effective value to the world. You must first decide on what you want to do specifically? You must understand that every man has his place. You can't be everywhere. There must be a clear cut place that you want to have your value built. Are you going to be adding value to the media world, the medical world, the industries ,the science world,business and entrepreneur, the workshop, the academic sector etc? Which place particularly.  Many of us are just trying all kinds of things. We don't have a particular place and destination. That's why our growth has been very stunted and unproductive. You must first define your pathway before you start the journey. Where exactly am I going? To which sector? What kind of value do I really want to add to my world? Growth will not occur where there is no clear cut pathway. It occurs on a well defined purpose. The first pathway to growth is to answer the question "What do I really want to grow in"? OK, am I going to the music world?, then I will have to subscribe to growth in that specific area.                                                                                                                                      
  2. UNDERSTANDING THE PLACE OF SACRIFICE: There is no growth without sacrifice. Just imagine that a seed doesn't die, how will it grow? Just imagine the kind of pain that women undergo when they conceive just because a seed in them subscribed to growth. There is no great man without scars. These scars are the resonance of the prices they paid in order to become such men of value. Therefore, in whatever you have decided to develop in,you must understand that there is a place of sacrifice. And there are two main sacrifices you can never avoid if you really want to do business with growth. 
  • CONSISTENCY: ("Consist-then-see"). This is one of the most powerful key to effective growth. It is the greatest and most powerful form of sacrifice that causes a rapid growth. Embracing the sacrifices is not enough but engaging them daily. No great man that exists on the surface of value and influence disengaged consistency. They continually engaged the sacrifices that is tied to their desires and passion. And they soon became the results. Even if you are not seeing results yet, keep doing and doing and never stop. The power of consistency is so relevant to growth. You can never become what you didn't engage consistently. You want to learn any skill, you must be consistent with the learning. Consistent with acquiring adequate knowledge. You want to express a talent, you must still engage consistency. This is one of the powerful ways by which men took their world by storm. They recognized a pathway and they stayed with the sacrifices continually until they became too formidable for the world not to hear them.                                                                                   
  • DETERMINATION: I call this unbending determination. A strong and unchangeable agreement of the heart towards a particular thing. If a man becomes successful once, he had failed several times. I tell you, life will never be rosy.                                       
                                                                                                          Sacrifices will never be easy to be paid. Alot of things will come on your way to draw you back. You may be seriously criticized, you may be discouraged, people might look at you and say you are wasting your time building a value that won't benefit you. But keep going and never stop. Keep doing. Have a strong determination in your heart that you will never stop until you are the best. No true and successful journey is smooth. Things will come your way to the top but you must decide never to go back. Stay with that desire and passion. Keep working towards that goal. Great men were men that failed several times. But they never relented. They kept doing it all over again even when it seems that they were failing. These two are very powerful sacrifices to be paid for growth to occur. It takes sacrifice to be consistent and be determined never to go back. They enhance growth in any sector. 

  3. KNOWLEDGE: This is a very vital key to growth. You can never grow beyond what you know. What you know determines what you are and who you are. Your present level is tied to what you know. Therefore, if you will ever move an inch in value, you must continually embrace knowledge. You must continue to subscribe to learning new things about that particular thing you have decided to grow in.
You have chosen a pathway and a destination and you have already subscribed to the sacrifice of consistency in doing that which you want to do and determining never to stop, now you need to acquire knowledge daily about that specific thing and sector you have chosen.
True growth is measured by how much of knowledge you have gathered and how much of the knowledge you are applying. Which means, you don't just gather knowledge but you engage and apply them. This enlarges your knowledge tank and expands your value. If you know a man excelling more than you, he simply knows more than you. Men rises by what they know. Men that do well are men that knows well.
Stay with knowledge and engage the principles you learn. Your growth is tied to your knowledge.

In conclusion, don't just grow in stature, grow in structure. Pay attention to building value for yourself. Your world only recognizes impacts not your packs. Know what you want to do and grow in it. Engage the principles and sacrifices consistently. Never stop even if there is no result yet. Keep doing and keep engaging knowledge and a time will come when you will have built enough value that can make your voice relevant even when you are no more.!