Wow, it's of a great joy for me to have you here. I welcome you to this great platform.
The Pen's Tribe is a blog that is aimed at giving expressions to the thoughts, ideas, innovations, speakings, emotions and feelings of the Pen. This will be achieved through write-ups, poems, quotes and articles including motivationals, views and beliefs.Cutting across different areas and schemes of life.
Just as I am very sure you will be curious about how the name came into existence, I will like to talk briefly about the composition of the name. Just follow me.
As you know that the word "Tribe" means a large family. A group of people with the same language, customs and beliefs. Oh. You might be thinking, how does this relates to the Pen?. Well, to satisfy your curiosity. The Pen we are talking about here is not the one you take everywhere with you most especially to school for the purpose of writing. Neither is it the one you keep in your school bag, office or home. 
The Pen is a living thing. It exists in the mind of everyone. Let me say this. Everyone has the ability to write and give their feelings, thoughts, or ideas an expression on the Paper. Everyone has the potential to make great use of the Pen. Unfortunately, because of some factors like ignorance, inferiority complex, laziness,beliefs,backgrounds and so on, the voice of the Pen in them has been silenced totally. 
Hence, they believe that the Pen exists only in the mind of specific people, which is not true. The only factor that can help them break out of this mindset is knowledge. They must first realize and understand that they have the potential in them.They have to be conscious of the existence of it in them. Then they can begin to work it out with diligence and consistent practices. 
So, talking about The Pen's Tribe, it is not just a family of writers or an extended family of men that pen their thoughts on the paper only. But it is a tribe that consists of every man that exists on the surface of the earth. We all have the Pen residing in our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Hence, we are the Pen's Tribe.! Know it, believe it and live it.!
Just because this is a welcome note, I will not like to contaminate the write up with much words.
 Once again, you are welcome. 
Stay Tuned and stay blessed.