Life is the greatest teacher ever known. You will agree with me that every single day we live, there are specific lessons we learn which has been the basics of our lives. Many times, we learn these lessons in a hard way. Our experiences flog us and leave us with scars that we can't recover from.
There are several powerful lessons that life has really imprinted on our existence that has been the realities of our lives. Many of us have encountered some specific life lessons that has changed our life drastically. And till today, we seems not to able to recover from them.
Therefore, I have come to talk about few but very powerful lessons that has changed my life. I have been privileged to study great men in different spheres and stratas of life and I have been able to deduce that they are men that has engaged these lessons too which has really help them on the pathway of greatness. The lessons are as follows, please make sure you follow me;

 1As a man thinks in his heart, so is he ;
   This is one of the greatest lessons life has taught us. And if only we can engage it, we are really going to see our lives change powerfully. Life has taught us that the thinking of a man is tied or directly proportional to what or who he becomes in life. You need to understand that if anything will be in your life, it must first be in your heart. Your heart is the birthing place of your realities. The thinking here is not brooding over a matter in a sad way but a compendium of consistent specific thinking pattern or system. That pattern of thought will birth itself in a space of time. (You can read more on this in our previous posts "Think on these things")

2. How you see yourself is how people see you;
   "What people see when they look at you is the reflection of what you see about yourself." Your sight is the eyes for their own sight.  You need to understand that you can never become what you don't see yourself as in the eyes of people around you. The reason is because the way you see yourself will determine how you will carry yourself .It will determine the value you will place on yourself. So, if you are going to let people see that successful person in you, if you are going to let people see that great man in you, then you have to first see yourself that way and then it propels the value you place on yourself and people will begin to see you that way.

3. Your attitude is your altitude;
   In life, men rises not just by wisdom and knowledge alone. But by their character. Your character is the prophecy of your future. A man that lacks a good attitude will never rise to a certain level in life. Life has taught us this that one of the requirement to gain access to altitude is to have a good attitude. As simple as this maybe, it is one of the powerful keys that has changed the lives of men entirely. The working principle of this key is that for every stages or level of life, there are men there. There are men already at the top and some are just coming and some are still very much below the standard. Therefore, if you will ever rise a step in the ladder of greatness, you need the help of a man that is already there. And a man can never help you by lifting you if you think you can lift yourself. If you are in a ditch and instead of you to beg to the lifted, you were only shouting at the person, do you expect the person to listen to you?. Therefore, for men to lift you, you must first have a good attitude. A good attitude recommends you to greatness.

4. The greatest treasure you can have is relationship;
    I have came across some people that believes that they can be on their own and do everything by themselves. They believe that they need no help from any man. But unfortunately for them, life flogs them with reality they aren't prepared for. Listen, a wise man said, "if you ever pay for everything, you are not wise". Relationship is a powerful wealth a man can possess. "There are no great men, there are only helped men". Go and ask every great men you know of and ask them how they got to that place of influence ,they will always include a name or names of men that contributed to their success story. Build on relationships now and cherish it. You can lose everything but don't ever lose men. Don't ever lose relationships. Relationships are the safest and fastest ship a man can use to journey in life.

5. The devil is not the greatest enemy of man. Fear is;
   This might sound very strange but it is very true. The greatest enemy of man is fear. And until you overcome it, you can never move an inch in life. Fear has made every wonderful and nice ideas to die on the altar of intentions. Alot of people were conceived of great and powerful ideas that can shake their world but fear aborted them. Man people never starts something because of fear. Many talent and skills has been rendered useless because of fear of what will become of them. I tell you, until you break the wall and tear down the veil of fear, you can never get to the other side. Watch it, when you have a great intention to do something or a great passion for something or you have an exam coming or an interview, the first visitor that comes your door is fear. Why? Because it is the greatest enemy of progress for man. It kills rapidly and never makes men rise.
I have met with different men with very powerful abilities and talents that they never express because of fear. Many people can't take a step in destiny because they are afraid of what the outcome will be.
Until you conquer fear, you will never gain prosperous access to life. Take those steps and get fear beaten mercilessly. No, not beaten but killed totally.! Be bold and courageous to take a step. A step don't kill, stagnancy does.!!!

6.  Failure is not a person, but an event; 
   There are many times in which we have failed in some things and because of that, we have called ourselves names that we are not called. Many people tried something several times and because it kept failing, they concluded that nothing good can come out of them. Listen, failure is not a person, you are not a failure. Failure is only an event that takes place where it is invited or planned. That you have tried something several times and it doesn't work isn't a reason for you to conclude that you are a failure.
Life will throw some things at you which may hit you hard and paralyse you, but you have to learn to stand up again and keep walking. You never claim or accept that you are defeated. Don't give up, stand up again and keep doing it.
No matter how much you fail, you are not a failure until you admit. It is only an event that comes where planned and embraced.
Manufactures of products in companies and industries can never release a product into the world if that product is faulty. If they mistakenly do that, they will recall for those items and make them again. So also God can not create a failure and release it to the world. You are not an embodiment of failure, you are a nice, wonderful and excellent product of God. Explore your world in huge success.! Don't be cheated..!

7.  You are never empty; There is something you have even when it seems you don't have any.
This is one of the most powerful key that has changed the life of men and make them a wonder to their world. There were times in their lives when it seems as though they are nothing but nothing. As if there is nothing their life can account for. Times in which they can never lay hold on something substantial that they can call their own but they looked inward and locate that thing inside of them that they have which the world doesn't. And they rode with those things to the stratas of life.
There is always something you have. You are never empty. Even when it seems as if you are completely useless or without a value, yet there is a treasure locked in you that is enough to cause you to rise.
There is always something you have that can get you the place you desire. Don't ever give up on yourself. Discover that thing and birth it out. You are never empty. Many people tag you names. They might not see anything in you. Remember that the second lesson I wrote above is that "how you see yourself is how people see you". Therefore, if people are not seeing anything in you, it means it started from you. You have to first know and see that there is something in you that your world waits for. Then, men will see it also in you when you begin to consciously engage it. This is one of the greatest lessons of life. You are never empty. You were born with and for something..!!!

Life is full of lessons and wisdom. Men rises by what they know. Men takes advantages of life through the keys they are engaging. There are still more lessons of life but I believe these seven above are one
of most powerful keys that has changed the lives of men all round. Life principles can be engaged and their results can be replicated. Engage these lessons and see how your life will produce a long lasting positive ripple effect.