It is never a coincidence that the word "March" signifies a patterned order of movement that goes along with a command. Note the words,  "patterned" and "command". I will not want to dabble much into the prophetic sayings that has been revealed by the help of the spirit concerning this month of March. We all have been informed that a great harvest is being orchestrated. Enthronement, selections, channeling, awakening and installation of men into Governments and legislations. All of these are the prophetic realities that exist in this time. And to quickly inform us, this is the fulfilment of Joel 2. We are in the era of the manifestation of the great army. (to be expanded soon). Therefore it can be deduced that God is moving strategically in this month. And as God is moving, it is significantly expected of us to also move. For the Bible says, "In the days of his power, people will be willing." There is a movement that is expected of the terrestrial as the celestial goes on motion. So, now that we have all of these spiritual information for this month, what are the technologies required of us to make sure we truly move as heaven does?. What are the wisdom we must engage in this month of March?.

I will be writing on three major things the Lord revealed to me concerning the move of God in this season and what is required of us. Earlier in the post I said the prophetic time of now(March) reveals the manifestation of the great army prophesied in Joel 2. 

Now to explain the 3 strategic requirements for this season, let's look at Joel 2:7-8

7.  They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall MARCH everyone on his ways; and they shall not break their ranks.

8.   Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path; and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded.

Out of all the words of prophecies revealed in that chapter, These verses of the scripture fully captures the wisdom behind the manifestation of that great army. They revealed the strategies required for this season of MARCH.

1.   Seek Wisdom For Personal Alignment : It is true that you must press to enter into what God is doing in this season. It is true that you must be intentional and not joke with this season. Yet, you need to seek for wisdom that will unlock the season specially for you. It was a special wisdom that unlocked the red sea for Moses, another kind of wisdom unlocked same Jordan for Joshua. It was a special wisdom that unlocked Jericho for the Israelites. Although they are all moves of God, yet they were given different wisdom to enter into the move. Likewise in this season, ask questions, Lord what am I to do personally to be aligned in this season?. HOW and WHAT is required of ME?. check that verse 7, it says "and they shall MARCH everyone on HIS ways." verse 8 says "they SHALL walk everyone one in HIS PATH". Don't labor as a fool in this season. Don't do what others are doing. You might get result but you won't get THE result!.  Ask for the wisdom needed for your own specific movement and alignment in this season. It's true you will need to fast, pray, study and all sorts. Yet!,there will be specific wisdom of the spirit that you should engage this season to perfectly align you to his agenda. The spirit searches all things, the deep things of God. Engage the spirit and seek for your own instructions to key into the move in this season. Although it's a corperate move, yet there are specific pathways for individuals!

2.   Complete Obedience to The Instructions : An army will never take a step of movement until they receive an order or command. Your complete obedience to the specific instructions given or that will be given unto you this season is so paramount for your alignment into the agenda of God for this season. You must be intentional about taking steps according to instructions given to you. If you look at the army, they don't move on their own. They follow an order of command. If they are told to move left, that's what they do. And that's the reason why they are formidable as an army. In this month of March, if you will truly March into the possibilities locked in this season, you must be ready to take instructions and obey them completely! 

3.   No competition - No Isolation : The season of Joel 2 is upon us. Where kingdom army are sets on fire for the agenda of the spirit. And one of the important thing we must take note is that "they are men that shall not break their ranks". In unity/oneness lies our perfect alignment in this season. What God is doing in this time is beyond a person or an individual. It's a formation, a convergence of sons into his agenda. Therefore this is not the time to be selfish, we must MOVE together.

 That's our strength. No isolation! And no competition! We must come together as a body to travel in alignment in this Month of March. God is doing so much in this season, no one must be left out. So in this season, it is not good for a man to be alone. For two is better than one. Gather men unto yourselves to labor. Be passionate about everyone subscribing to the move! 
Provoke one another unto righteousness! Encourage people! And do not forsake the coming together of the saints this season! Because in our oneness and togetherness lies the perfect alignment of the church to the season upon us!. Do not forsake strategic prayer meetings, retreats and teachings! Be intentional and save your generation!

The season is upon us. A special time(kairos) is here. Men are emerging. God is doing so much. Don't be left out. Labour to enter! Be equipped with knowledge. Be sustained by wisdom. Stay and don't leave! It is time for men to arise and take spheres and thrones. Seek wisdom for alignment, obey instructions and never break the ranks!

Kairos is Here!