As much as you desire to produce results, yet don't be at so much haste to deliver. Life lasts longer when things are done gradually. If you are into something, don't be too at haste to deliver. Do it gradually. If you produce everything today, what will be your raw materials tomorrow? I am saying this because I have seen so many folks with great and powerful contents but they want to dispense so quick. They want to deliver everything so fast so as to be reckoned with amidst men. See, to be consistently relevant, you must embrace steadiness. Don't subscribe to this mindset that if you are not to be coined LAZY, then you must be delivering daily. Stay! And Deliver gradually! Hastiness kills!

Embrace process. Don't be too much at haste. Am emphasising this so much because of alot of things I have seen. Wonderful and mighty contents folks are made off but many has died or many are dying currently because they want to appear so fast on the scene of production. You will easily run out am telling you. Embrace process please. Life is about process. You don't jump upward, you grow upward. If you are trying to get up without embracing growth, you are practicing witchcraft. Stay! And be steady! Nothing kills men of tangible results like hastiness to perform. Sometimes you must decide to starve your audience! And make your contents fresh, new and cherished as they come periodically!

Here this, as much as men love to see results, yet men can easily get bored and tired of you when you are too much at the scene. After a breathe of time, Men will be tired of your "so beautiful results". In a length of time, they will seek for someone else on the scene because you appear too much. Men are lovers of results, yet they easily get bored with too much appearance! Be steady. You are a singer and every week you want to be releasing songs. Just wait, time will soon empty you of your hastiness. Stay! I don't fear a man of result, I only fear a man with long lasting reproductive capacity to produce results. Someone that is not hasty and thereby remains relevant in ages!

Don't just seek to start something, instead seek to continue. Seek continuity. And continuity is not in hastiness. Men that trended the surface of results were men that took a step at a time. Sometimes, they locked themselves up and went for retreats. Shut down the cinema and went for a recalibration. I have so much learnt never to fly when the wind has not blown because you will never soar if you do! Stay! Be steady! And remain relevant in time!