You are welcome back friends! It's a new month. Month full of awesome testimonies. May our heart desires be granted.

Briefly, progress is born out of deliberate actions on specific principles or instructions. A progress in a certain thing can not be made until deliberate action is embraced consistently over a certain laid down principles or instructions. Therefore, true progress should be monitored. A progress that is not monitored is a mere story! A mere mirage!

Many times, we understand the principles and the instructions we are meant to carry out and we even decide to make deliberate actions on them but we don't give space for a time of evaluation. A time of examination. A time of trapping the exact progress we have made over the time.

It is true that we are not lazy. It is true that from the beginning of the year, we have been responsible enough to do things that equips and birth destiny. Yet, we have not created enough time to evaluate how far and how long we have really gone in the scheme of things!

The truth of the matter is, whatever you don't monitor, you wont get its all. What you don't trace, you won't ace! You must understand that life is about "how far". How long you have journeyed matters! We don't just live life without trapping progress.

Go back and check your progress. Go into that examination hall and crosscheck how much of life questions you really can answer. How much of destiny you have really birthed. How much of what you claim you know, you truly know. It's not enough to do many things, it is expedient that you know what the many things have really done to you. How much of reality of those things you have truly touched.

Trace it! Do not wait until life bring its examination. Life is a school. You will be tested of what you claim you know. But wise students don't wait for the day of examination before they test how far they have gone in what they have been taught. Wise students will create time out of several lectures, sit down and examine themselves. This is how they excel above their colleagues. Identifying your current level and comparing it to your goal makes you run even when others are walking.

How do you trace it, How do you trace your progress? Simply by cross examination. How do you examine yourself? Stop what you have being doing, take a time out, be sincere with yourself. Set out solid questions or go for self-challenges and see how far you have truly gone! True sincerity with yourself is what powers a vehicle of progress. Until you are sincere with yourself to admit your current level, you truly can't embrace responsibility to do more.

Don't journey through this month the same way you have been doing before. This time around, examine yourself. Trace your progress and know how far you have gone! Then you can set new strategies and new pathways you can embrace to journey into your goal and ambitions!

This is how men attain heights, they monitor their progress!