WhatsApp Tribe Weekly (Monday 22nd,July 2019)

Just like a roll, time rolls (on a low) like a dove, enjoying the gigantic slope of the current flow!_😍😍 (You feel that right?)😂.
Dear one, don't be moved by rhymes o, because time is not moved by that. Time moves by discipline, focus,  determination and productivity! 
It's another week, what can you do to become better?.

Very quickly I will share with you four powerful ways by which you can become better. 

 1. Doing MORE of some thing(s) you were doing before.

2. Doing LESS of some thing(s) you were doing before.

3. Starting something NEW. 

4. Stopping EVERYTHING you have been doing.

Progress in life is attached to how intentional you are about making it! If you will ever become better, these are four streams you must consider. 

▪️First, What are you doing that you need to do more? I mean, what exactly do you know that over time, it has been a pathway that enhances your productivity, or has made you a better person? And has made you become a person of value and of irrefutable substance! What are those things that you know make you and furnish you for the man fit for your destiny?
If you have identified these ones, congratulations! You have just successfully identified your Success Points. Therefore, make use of them! Increase the work input! Do more of them! Do more! Engage them more! Let them become your daily meditation. Don't give in to laziness. Immediately you recognise them, write them down and begin to strategically DO THEM! This is one of the streams that make men. 

Great men are men that recognise their Success Points and hit them with their being! What are your success points? Hit them! Hit them daily! Hit them harder! Be disciplined enough to make them your priorities. Don't beat about the bush, just hit them! Because in them lies the better YOU!

▪️ Second, what are the things you need to do LESS? These things are not bad in themselves but they are very indifferent when it comes to making you the man fit for your destiny! In themselves, they will not add anything to your success in life. Therefore, wisdom demands that you do less of those things. 

You can not become a better person in life until you intentionally evaluate your life and pick out the ones that won't add up to you. Not just to engage your success points and do them, you must also do less of the things that won't help you! 

▪️ Starting something you have never done before! This is something you must not joke with. The truth is, this cannot be achieved until you critically examine your life. What do you want to become in life? What do you want to make out of your life?. I call it the destiny blueprint!

When you know these, then you begin to examine the price tags placed on them in order to achieve or fulfil that destiny. So, if you are envisioning yourself as a powerful world wide public speaker, or whatever it is, you know the price tags (the things you MUST engage) to have that result! 

Hence, you start doing them afresh! Inculcate the new things that pave ways to your destiny. If it will cost you learning new skills or getting trained in a field or whatever, DO IT! Give it what it takes and you will see how much you start becoming the "man fit for your destiny"

▪️ Lastly, sometimes what we have been doing might be the enemy of our progress. The things you have spent all your life doing might be the destiny poisons you have not found out. The litmus test to know if truly you have been engaging destiny poisons or not is to check the quality of your life. If the quality of your life is nothing to write home about, then definitely, you have been engaging the destiny poisons. What do you do with them? STOP! Stop everything! Make a decision to get rid of them! Those things that have not beautified your life, stop now and start some new!

Anytime you want to become a better person (which I believe should be everytime), engage these four things and there you go!

Make your life a priority. Be intentional about it. Carefully examine your life daily! And do everything you can do to make the BEST out of your life. 

You must have ONE life to live, one life with God and one impact to make in your generation!

Till Next Week Monday, Stay Tuned on our "Whatsapp Tribe" Weekly Write ups.
God Bless You!

Happy New Week
The Penstribe
Monday, 22nd of July, 2019