"We can become extremely wise and sensitive to all of humanity and the whole universe simply by knowing ourselves, just as we are".
-Pema Chodron

Our knowledge of the whole scope of the human behaviour and capabilities in their genuineness gives us an edge in wisdom. Even though we have established the fact that humans can not be completely known, some things are found common in the ways people relate and interact with their environment. We started a journey in the last post, communicating the rules that govern the way people relate, react and interact with their environment. Trust me, they are life changing words. If you have not read it, please go back to the previous post.
 Now, let's continue from where we stopped.

  1. Everyone will not see things the same way! People have different perspectives to life. Sometime ago, I was a violator of this rule. I was completely ignorant of this simple truth. I was always trying to make people understand my perspective on whatever I am trying to communicate at that moment. Most times, I will put people in the "ignorant-zone" believing that they are the one ignorant of that which I'm communicating. I later discovered that it's not true! It is one of the unique personalities of humanity. The ability of men to look at a single object and yet see different things entirely! If you don't understand this, you will struggle to deal or live with people. You must learn to accept diversity in the way we see things. Knowing this will reduce the stress of you trying to make people subscribe to your own ideology. There is a saying: "People believe what they want to believe". It's true! Our believe system differs! Our ideologies and of course, our perspectives to life differs. What do you do with this rule? Learn to listen to people and what they have to say on subject matters. Never think that your perspective or idea is the only right one. You can't all be right and you can't all be wrong. Learn from their perspective. If you can't buy it, learn from it and move on! 
  2. People assume the character or nature of the environment they find themselves. Everyone is a product of his environment. This is because the environment has a way of building or constructing the believe system and the mindset of an individual according to the realities that reside in that environment. An environment will groom a man according to its nature. Therefore, you must understand that everyone will behave in certain ways equivalent to the environment they live. Hence, if you want to see people behave in the way you desire, subject them to the environment that has that nature. For example, If you want a man to be successful, place him around successful people. If you want a man to be prayerful, place him amidst prayerful people. It's a rule. People over time become as their environment. What do you do with this rule? Acknowledge that people's behavior differ and are mostly subjected to the nature of their environment. Hence, if you will change any man, change his environment first! Environment is not necessarily his physical habitat, it can be his mental habitat. The things he interacts with mentally, things he reads, watches, and hears. You can introduce to him another kind of environment apart from this! 
  3. You can't outsmart people, they are silent watchers and event keepers. This is one of the most powerful rule of people that many of us don't know or pay attention to. I said it earlier, you can't outsmart people. It's true. Do you know that people are more of watchers than talkers? People can be noisy and outspoken generally, but when it comes to the nature of human, they are more of watchers than talkers. They tend to be silent in some matters and just watch. If you want to know things about you that you don't pay attention to, just ask people! If you want a detailed  information about something you seem not to pay attention to, just ask people. That is why the report of people also matters when you need genuineness. They see things you are not seeing. And you know what? Men can be silent for decades until the need arises to talk. Then, you will hear reports of what they have observed over time and you will be amazed! Men are archives of happenings! They are chronicles of events. For example, you might not know that you have a particular habit i.e sleeping without a blanket (as insignificant as that is). They can watch it for decades and just let you know someday that "you always sleep without a blanket!". Trust me, they watch when you think no one is! What do you do with this rule? Live with this consciousness, and understand that people are born watchers and they can keep events until the need arises to talk about it. Live right and live true! Nothing escapes the sight of men except what is not done! 
  4. You can never lead people until you have proven to be a better leader than they are. Men are a logical and intelligent specie. If you can outsmart other creatures, you can't outsmart man. They are very intelligent beings. They have the greatest power residing in them, their will! They have the largest environment in them, their mind! They also have the most powerful treasure in them. Their potentials! Hence, leadership to people is strength, power and results! If you will lead people you must have what they don't have! You might not have everything more than they have, but there must be a specific thing in you that commands uniqueness. No man will submit to a person that is not better than he is in one way or the other! It's a rule. Therefore, in the realm of people, any man that desires to lead or take up the throne must prove better in a way! Anytime you lose what gives you an edge, be very certain you will lose people!   What do you do with this rule? Do you know that what makes leaders is what they know? The reason why some people can rule us is because they know more than we know. Therefore, if you will lead people, you must strive for knowledge! You must have something better. People will never listen to a man that is not better than they are. It's a rule! If you want to lead, get knowledge. Because knowledge is power! 
These are intriguing culturte of people that we must not be ignorant of. Our knowledge of them will so much give us an edge in wisdom. Such that we can live in this realm as wise men! I believe you have learnt and understood these few rules. See you again in the next edition of our writing series. Thank you so much for reading!