Every man living on earth has one thing or the other that we could probably call "weak points". Actually, "weak points" could be those things we are not good at or those things that has become a bad habit which we find very difficult to break out from. Although, we can assume that this is justified because of the limited human nature in which we have been clothed. Yet, there is a saying that "in all things, there is room for improvement". 

Meaning, we can virtually say that our so called "weak points" could also be dealt with. Many of us have come to this conclusion that we are not going to do anything about it(them). "that is just me", "that's just who I am"! No, it should not be. Someone was writing on relationship and said, "People(especially ladies) should change some bad habits and be a better person instead of concluding that, that's the way they are, no one love or want to be with a nonsense thing!. As funny as it sounds, it's true. 

There is no rule that says you can't be better. If you have some habits that are not good enough, don't allow them become part of your life.The first thing you do to do away with them is YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN CHANGE FOR GOOD.! This is the first step because whatever you have not become in your mind, you can not become on the outside. Therefore, if you will change to a new person on the outside, your mindset must change and be renewed. Your belief must be equivalent to that which you desire to become on the outside. 

After you have believed, then begin to point out those things that you know has been the drivers or helpers of those weak points and begin to do away with them deliberately.  Those things that makes them stay in your life. For example, I have heard many people say they are not good in reading books. They find it hard to read books. Any time a book is placed in front of them, they find a way to be lazy around it and conclude that in the end, they won't read it. This then make them conclude that they can't read books. Meanwhile, they can.! It's just that inside of them, they have believed that notion and has built a default state of reasoning that they can't read books.  So, most of the times, the driver of that weak point is "abstinence from reading materials" . This is the major driver of that weak point. When you begin to ignore reading materials, then there is no way you will read and improve on reading! Then, what should be done is to do away with that driver and begin to deliberately engage those things that are related to reading.! 

Start buying books even if the passion is not there. Just buy them and put them close to you. Get articles, newspapers, write ups. Get reading apps, and reading websites.If it is a habit, identify those things that always fan the flame of its manifestations! Be deliberate to surround yourself with those things that will restructure your mind and flog them out of your life. The reason is because your environment, both physical and the mind is directly proportional to your habit.! If your environment is always the loudy, rough, untidy or always command immoral things, your habit(s) will definitely tend to that direction. Therefore, you have to deliberately create the atmosphere for improvement around you!

This is the solution to "weak points". CREATING NEW ATMOSPHERES. The truth is, those things you call your strength were also birthed because in one way or the other, you surrounded or found yourself in an atmosphere that built those things in you! A person finds singing as a strength because she found herself somehow in her life in atmosphere where songs are given priority to. You can read, do laundry perfectly, drive well, communicate fluently, write wonderfully and so on, because one way or the other, you were subjected to atmospheres that built those things in you. 

This then is the same principle that applies to dealing with "weak points". Make a culture, an atmosphere, an environment that will not be conducive for that weak point to stay!  That's the principle used in microbiology in culturing a microorganism. A particular microorganism can be taken from a place and be cultured in a well designed atmosphere  that has all the necessary nutritional substances that will make it survive and multiply to form colony.  So anytime you want to have something to be part of your life and grow, just create a culture that is rich enough to make that thing stay in your life and anytime you want to do away with something in your life, just change the environment! Change the culture! Change the atmosphere from the one that has been permitting the existence of that thing in your life and create another atmosphere that will choke that habit from your life! This will definitely be very difficult to do at first. Trying to do entire new things in order to cause a massive change in your life! But it worth it and it CAN be achieved if only you can be deliberate and very intentional.!

Lastly, you MUST pray! Only God can change a man. Those "weak points" can be dealt with only by his help and grace. As you do your part by being  intentional about your environment, make sure you are also praying. If you have been praying and no tangible result, pray more! Whatever prayer can not handle, more Payers will handle it. 

In conclusion, "If you can not change the habits, change the habitation!". Change the atmosphere! Change the environment! You can become better. You can deal with that weak point. Don't accept it. Pray and engage God.   What can not be changed has not been born! 

Stay blessed. Good morning.

The Penstribe