It is true that what you become is a derivative factor of your identity. You cannot become the contradicting version of your identity. Your identity is the reality that speaks volume of you. When a man has an identity of a warrior, no matter where he goes, enters or visits, when he shows up, every detail about what he is capable of doing and what he is not will be very obvious. Why? This is because, the identity is like a garment that gives the perfect blueprint of a man's capacity and capabilities. 

As believers, often times, the issue we have or one of the reasons why it seems as if we are not living out the victorious life that Christ has made available for us, is the bankruptcy of the revelation of our real identity in him.  Jesus came, died and resurrected in order to give us an identity, one of the kingdom! Which makes us joint heirs with Christ, kings and priests who are now sitted with Christ in heavenly places to take dominion over the world system.

Unfortunately, many times, this head knowledge seems to fail us. Several people in one way or the other have been exposed to this reality for probably years and it seems the potency of that reality in their lives has been slaughtered. Hence, you see everyone claiming their realities in God and still die cheaply, battle with all kinds of sickness and failures.

What then can we do to resurrect this potency? What is it that we need to know that we are yet to know? What is the key that is missing that we have not found? 

This identity we have in Christ couldn't have been false! The Apostles walked in it and took over their world with storm! There was nothing special about what they knew. They only caught the rawness of the revelation of their reality in Christ and they began to wrought flawless results in God. What is it about our identity that we have not known as believers?
Turn with me to the book of John 1:19-23

The Jews sent priests and levites all the way from Jerusalem to ask John just a question, "Who are you?". They came to inquire of his identity! They knew that if they know his identity, then his capacities and incapacities will be clearly revealed to them, hence, they know how to deal with him. They said "who art thou and what do you say of thyself?" Meaning, WHAT YOU SAY OF YOURSELF IS YOUR IDENTITY! Not what others say of you, not what circumstances say of you, not what friends, enemies or even family say of you! Your identity is your personal conclusion about yourself. 

Moving on to verse 23, John had a perfect and clear understanding of his identity, not because he formulated it. He didn't just know his identity out of the blues. His identity was not revealed by his own personal kind of impotent confessions. Something was the backbone of his revelation! Something made the potency of his identity to be real! He said, "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, AS SAID BY THE PROPHET ESAIAS!!!". This was the revelation that gave potency to his identity! The revelation of REFERENCE! His identity had a solid reference. He was not casually speaking, nor just talking and confessing vain words, neither just shouting I am the voice without a solid reference!

Your reference is the potency of your identity! What is your reference? Many times, we believers don't see result as we shout and claim our identity because our reference is faulty. Many of us get our reference from the lips of our pastors. Others, from the social media. For some, it is based on their circumstances. Take for instance, "They said no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper, so is it". "Our pastor said: I can not be poor, so I won't be". No! 

What makes our reference faulty is that we don't have personal revelation through THE WORD of who we truly are in Christ! We always base the conviction of our identity in Christ on "they say"! Just as the Jews sent the priests and the levites to come and ask John who he was, so also the devil sends circumstances to come and ask us who we are! But because we don't have a personal revelation through the best reference (the word of God), we fall flat and fail! 

Men that have result in God are not men that make vain blabbing and bragging about their identity in Christ. They are men that have personally encountered the realities locked in the scripture about who they are in Christ. Hence, you see a man like Bishop David Oyedepo saying he can never be poor. Or, Apostle Joshua Selman saying, "No mortal man can kill me!". And Apostle Johnson Suleman saying, he is untouchable!. These are men that personally collided with the revelation of who they are IN THE WORD of God! Their reference was and is the word, not what people said or say! 

Watch this, Jesus said in the book of Luke 4:18, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised. To preach the acceptable year of the Lord"

Jesus had the boldness and courage to declare his reality because he had a PERSONAL SOLID REFERENCE! Verse 17 explains that he went to the temple and a book was delivered(of prophet ESAIAS) unto him. And from that book, he FOUND where it was written of him! He found his identity in that book. A place where it is written of him! That reference was what aggravated the potency of his reality! It is because HE found himself, not by what others said they found! 

I say to you, your confessions about your reality in Christ will never be potent enough to bring you result until you have a personal reference in the scriptures! Where is that place in the scripture that has been written of you?! Where is that verse that speaks specifically about you and your destiny? It is only through the lens of the spirit, during a personal search that this reference can be revealed to you! You must have your personal reference in the scripture! It is not enough to be confessing scriptures or what your pastors have been declaring generally, have your own personal reference! 

Let the Holy Ghost open you up to your own scripture! There is always a scripture for you. The Bible says, "Search the scriptures" (John 5:39a). 

For your life and destiny, search out a scripture that will be your reference! For every circumstance that comes your way, there is a scripture that is meant for you personally! All the men I mentioned earlier didn't just confess anyhow, they searched out and FOUND where it was written of them! Your identity in Christ will never be potent by mere confession and blabbing, only by a REFERENCE. The Potency of your identity in Christ is in your REFERENCE. What is your reference? Search it out!