The complete revelation of prayer must be clearly understood. We must be thoroughly schooled in the wisdom of prayer if we will effectively pray and get result. Prayer as we know is a medium by which man interacts with God. It is a means by which mortality reaches out to immortality. It is the pathway by which divinity is consulted.

Most times, our major understanding of prayer is that it’s a medium by which we tender our petition to God to be processed and answered. But we must know that it is more than that. Prayers have more constituted functionalities than what we know. One of the most powerful functions of prayer is that it transforms. Amidst other functions, this function is less common in the scope of our sight and understanding.

Let me tell you this, Prayer has the ability to alter the genetic codes that validates the realities of its doer. It has a way of journeying into the fabrics of its doer and alters the living genetic codes that interact in him. These codes are the controller of men’s realities in the physical. Everything a man does and responds to is coordinated by the interactions of the genes that dwell in him. Hence, a man’s reality can be predicted when the pattern of these codes are known. That is why even in the medical world, the genetic codes are given so much of value and attention such that if a man shows any trait, behavior or characteristics, they tailor the reason down to his genetic codes. Although these codes are hidden, yet, they supervise, coordinate and control the realities a man express in the physical.

In another light, every possibility of darkness and its civilizations are also expressed by the help of these genes. The lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life which are the three departmental components of the world system, have their roots in these genes. As a matter of fact, the devil doesn’t need to appear to a person or believer before he can cast his influence on him. What he does is simply to introduce an appetite to the soul of the man, and once the man shows a response of attraction towards that particular appetite, the devil registers it in his codes and builds a structure that will continue to communicate that appetite in the man’s soul. Therefore, anytime the devil wants to make him fall, he simply needs to highlight on that appetite that he has created in him.

How then can such a man be released from these appetites? Let’s not forget that every man in Christ was first in the world. Every man in Christ was once a citizen and subscriber of the world system. We were once swimming in the depth of its ocean. We subscribed to the culture- the way by which things are done in that kingdom. The modus operandi of that kingdom was our lifestyle. Meaning that, every man in Christ today had in one way or the other been fragmented into different appetites that communicated the influences of darkness. Many dark seeds were woven into the fabric of our soul while we enjoyed that life. Therefore, it is expedient that a man now in Christ has to be thoroughly purged and worked on by the Holy Ghost if he will be able to stand for Christ in his lifetime. This is what the bible meant when it said our mind (soul) must be renewed (Romans 12:2).

This is because a man cannot effectively stand for God if he still has the things of darkness breathing in his being. Those things will continue to be access points for the devil to manipulate his life. Thereby, disabling him from effectively fulfilling the mandate of God in his life. This is why an average believer needs to be purged and consecrated to God if he will be able to carry the mandate of Christ that has been predestined for him or her.

A man that has not been thoroughly purged by God will not last long, or will not even be able to correct darkness effectively. Darkness will come to him and accuse him of having things that belong to it. That was why Jesus said that “the god of this world came to me and he found nothing of him in me”. Therefore, Jesus was able to effectively chase out darkness and defeat its rages and dominate the world with light that He carried. A man will never be able to correct a civilization that trained and made him. He must first be separated from that system before he can be able to correct and defeat it.

The Separating Technique

There are different ways by which a man in Christ can be separated from these dark codes that have registered in his soul. But the focus of this write up is Prayer. Before I move on, let’s not forget that, a man in Christ only has his spirit saved in salvation. His soul and body (especially the soul) still need to be regenerated and renewed. The dark codes of the world system still reside in his soul.

Now, a man in Christ is purged and separated from these channels of darkness that have been installed in him as he separates himself for effectual fervent prayers. “Effectual” simply means to be effective. A prayer cannot be effective if the subject of the heart is not in place. A man cannot effectively pray if his heart is not right with God. The state of the heart matters because when it comes to the interaction of man with God, the department of man that is in charge is the heart. Hence, until the heart is in a state that can make fellowship and intercourse with God possible, such prayer is not effective.

To be fervent is to be consistent. Consistency is a major key to access God. When it comes to prayer, consistency matters a lot. The time frame that the bible recommends for a well living prayer is ‘without ceasing’ (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Prayer cannot strike any chord in the realm of eternity if consistency is not enthroned. The immortals will not even notice, because the substance of consistency is not present in the meal of prayer being cooked by the man.

Therefore, it is in effectual fervent prayers that transformation is experienced! Why? It is  because power is made available when this equation is completed. As a matter of fact, the power generated consistently begins to journey into the soul of the man and begins to mutate those corrupt genes. It begins to mutate them to rid them of the dark civilizations that they emit and expresses in the physical. This is why a true man of prayer can not commit sin! Not that he doesn’t have the tendency but the appetites for sin would have decayed and rotten in him. Those access points for the devil would have been shut down by the effulgence of light that enters him as he stays in God’s presence to pray! Although those appetites don’t get burnt immediately, but that’s their end as long as the man continues to embrace consistency in God’s presence!

As he journeys in prayers, those appetites begin to die because of the power being generated. That power travels down to the genes and begin to mutate them and correct their evil codes! Then, you see that man dying gradually to the same lust and the operations of the flesh he had been struggling with before and he begins to express the fruit of the spirit because another civilization has crept into his genes for replacement! Another system has taken over the throne of his soul.

So we see in the scripture; 2 Corinthians 3:18 “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the spirit of the Lord”. The way we journey into the image of God, being Christ, is through beholding. When we consistently behold in the place of waiting, studying and prayer, we undergo spiritual surgical operations where the components of our beings are altered and fashioned into the genes that are resident in Christ. Hence, the saint is transformed into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ!

In conclusion,

This is how mere men become giants in God! This is how weak men become men of ranking and stature. This is how ordinary men become weapons and battle axes in the hand of God. This is how men of no reputation become mighty in the fulfillment of the purposes of God on earth. They are men of prayers! They give themselves to prayers and the light of God permeates into the world DNA they carried in their soul before and begin to kill the codes and then begin to install in them the Kingdom genes! Transformation is hence a powerful function of prayers as it is one of the ways by which our souls can be thoroughly renewed.

I then advise us as believers to put on the garment of effectual and fervent prayers as it is not just because of this specific function but because it is expedient and required that “Man ought always to pray and not to faint” (Luke 18:1).

Furthermore, this is a season where God is calling his children to separation and consecration. God will never send a man that he has not thoroughly worked on. And to be enlisted as part of the army that will bring His purposes to pass in this end time, you must stay in the WILDERNESS and be worked upon by the Holy Ghost. Hence, you must inculcate a life of consistent prayer!