A Token Of Love To You All;

Once upon a time, I began to examine the word "once upon a time" and after several 'thought' movements, I decided not to look at the word in the same context it has been used probably in centuries before I was born but to put the word on a table and hang it's body parts in different segments. The voice that came out of this dissection gave me a clearer view of what the word meant in my own world of reality. It says and I heard, "Once is upon a time".

I am not here to bore you with oceans of words that you might not find amusing but I have come to spore out to you a new fountain of thinking.
Truly, Once is upon a time. No wonder time has only one direction, "forward". It has no business with backwardness. It doesn't take pity on humanity neither does it work in favor of her. In the programmed nature of time, there is no "twice", only "once". Meaning, you can't live in the realm of time and live again! You are only permitted to do so once. And every transaction you will make in this "one lifeline" given to you, also have only one lifeline! Everything you will do in time can only be done once and after once, it's an error. No wonder opportunities themselves only listen to the voice of "once". (I shut that one there).

Now, only wise men that understands the mystery of " once" will live their life in a deliberate and intentional way. Hence, they watch their steps microscopically. Why? Because they have understood that the life that they live was only willed to them from eternity and the seal that came with it only has the word "Once" written on it. Then they make sure that every second of their life matters more than gold! They refuse to live carelessly as others do. Therefore, Only men that can hear the voice of "Once is upon a time" can thrive in life and live a life that has meaning and eternal relevance. (I shut this here too)

Yesterday, God in his mercy added a year to my days in the finger of time. It was a memorable day. I can not count the number of calls, text messages, wishes and chats I received yesterday. It was so massive for me that I had to reply to messages from 7 am till 11:30 pm last night. I have never experienced such in my life. My phone gave up the ghost more than three times. It was a mind-blowing day. So, I thought in myself "how do I appreciate such people?", how will I do it? Should I write them the usual appreciation epistle? Then, I decided to bring up this little write up to bless us.

Four Lessons I Deduced From Life

1Life is a Function of Time: Every man living on earth has a time limit. We all have specific time willed for us to spend. So we can say, every man was trusted with a different quantity of time. 
Hence, man is a natural steward of three things; time, life and destiny. The way he spends these three will be asked of him when he crosses the border of time.

2. A Time Spent Well is a Function of Relevance (not necessarily achievements): A time well spent on earth does not subscribe to achievements. Achievement is self-based and no man that truly lives and lives well should be self-based. A time well spent only subscribe to relevance. Relevance speaks of how much impact you have used your life to make! How exactly has your life impacted your world? Has your presence here added anything positive to the chambers of life? What can be said of you that you contributed to the "dressing" of your world? Age is no relevance! That you are 60 doesn't mean you are relevant. It is good to be of good age but what has your age contributed to the betterment of your world. Hence, your time will only be spent well if you decide to be relevant.

3. Relevance is a Function of People: Do you know that "your world" that you are meant to impact is not structures or buildings? It is People, Lives. Therefore, you can't say you are relevant when people have not been blessed by you. Now, relevance differs in weight and degree. A man's life can transform a million people positively while another man can impact a billion. The relevance differs in weight. So we can say, the number of lives your life can impact mostly determines your relevance. And let me add this, you can't be relevant out of your divine destiny/purpose. It is your alignment of fulfilling your divine mandate that makes you relevant. But what I'm saying here is, people are the main target of your relevance. 

4. Good Relationship is the Bedrock of A Life Of Great Impact. This is where I am going. It is true that you have a purpose and mandate. You have a destiny to fulfill. You have lives to impact and bless but you will never be able to strike a chord in all these if you lack relationship skill! How do you want to impact people you don't greet? People you don't relate with? People you don't love? People you don't make sacrifices for? People you don't give time to? People you don't embrace their problems and see to it that they are solved? People you don't cry with? People you don't rejoice with? People you don't pay attention to whatsoever? I ask you, how do you bless lives you do not relate with? Good relationship is the bedrock of relevance and great impact! I added "good" so that you can understand that it is not about having a crowd in your life. It is not about how many people you can reach or how many contacts you have on your lists or social media. As good as that is, it is minor compared to having a "good relationship" with them. The difference between a good leader and a bad leader is "good relationship". Both of them have crowds but one decided to love, care and have a good relationship with his audience and that's the element that will drive him to do good for his people!

Lastly, (This is not a teaching, Let me shut it here), until you give priority to people, even God will not entrust lives and nations to your hands. And I say this to you with all humility, your life might never strike a chord in the realm of relevance on earth.

Therefore, at this juncture, I want to appreciate everyone that celebrated me yesterday. Calls, text messages, chats, status updates, comments, voice notes, songs and all kinds of wishes. I say this sincerely from the depth of my heart. I REALLY DO LOVE YOU ALL! You are one of the best things that has happened to me. Knowing you gives me eternal joy. Thank you so much, you all mean so much to me. God bless you greatly! 

#Ogunsola Abiodun
# 23rd December