Friends, I will like to begin by wishing you a very happy new year. It is a great privilege that the Lord has bestowed unto us out of His enormous mercy to see another year and season. I welcome you once again.


One of the greatest errors that can happen to any man that is living on the surface of the earth is "living round a circle". When a man finds himself not following the path of progress but wallowing in a "merry go round" system, its disastrous.

You might be wondering, what is he trying to say?

You see, we must be so sincere with ourselves. In our time and era, it seems as if, men are not experiencing a fathomable shift and progress as they journey through the numbered days!

I mean, when we calculate the seeming "input" of men in their race to make good use of their days in other to become tangible, alongside the "output" they finally get at the end of the year, it is nothing to write home about. And one of our problems is we don't admit that we have a problem! A wise man once said that "Having a problem is not the problem but not knowing or admitting it, is the problem"- And I really agree with that.

So, we wallow in little output and result and it seems as if we are relaxed in it. We thought in ourselves, "its a process" or its meant to be. No, and no sir!

By the grace of God, I have come to make us see a very powerful key that will not just open our eyes to truth but will cause a great shift in our lives this year. Our result will sporadically gain weight and substance this year!

What is that key? I call it "Spirit Carriage!"

Yes, To be carried by the spirit! This is a very powerful key that will unlock the deep fountains of uncommon possibilities for us. It is not a game. It is true!

You know, mortal men, we are sincerely full of pride. We are naturally wired to be proud. Hence, we always attribute our success and achievements to how skillful, knowledgeable, empowered, financed, connected and educated we are. Many times, we flaunt our results based on all these things. We believe that so far these things are on ground, our success and possibilities are certain. And can I shock you, this is why we are limited!

We have refused to understand that there is nothing mortality has to offer than limitation. Mortality has no substance in itself. The highest peak of what mortality can give you is "limitation". Meaning, there is a limit you can/will go if you ONLY do business with mortality!

Therefore, there is another system of operation that can release possibilities to a man that is beyond the four walls of limitation. If a man can do business with this system, his possibilities will be unlimited and massively uncommon! 

Listen, 2020 is here and sincerely speaking, if some of us do not change our strategies, we will only labor and labor, our results will never cross the border of greatness! It will remain on the shore of hardness and ugliness. Many of us believe so much in our goals, strategies, formulas, intelligence, wisdom, connection, skills and above all, our well-constructed resolutions! Sir, ma, as good as these things are, they will never take a man cross the border where authentic results and uncommon possibilities dwell!

I keep using the word "uncommon" so that you will understand that I am not talking about some kind of usual success or achievements here. I am talking about results that have not been seen before. Achievement that no one has gotten before. Uncommon results that you have never commanded before. Things that are beyond human reasoning and capacity!

So, the first thing I will like us to know is that "Men don't find their way into uncommon possibilities (that is beyond natural or human sphere) until they are carried into it!"📌

No matter how smart, intelligent a man is, he will never come in contact with some level of organic uncommon results and possibilities unless he fraternizes with a spirit to carry him there!

And sincerely, this is what we believers refused to understand. Unbelievers, especially men that are doing business with the contact system of darkness understand this mystery very well. Hence, they never rely on their capacity, they are men that understand how to partner with a spirit and journey in obedience to it so that the spirit can carry them across borders where limitation ends! A realm where there are unlimited possibilities!

But it is a pity that an average believer thinks it is all about knowing principles and following them. We think it is all about strategies and formulas. We think its all about oratory prowess and skill professionalism. It is beyond that sir! 

Every man that collided with possibilities that "wowed" mortal men were carried by a spirit into an inner chamber where authentic mind-blowing results are locked!

So, we still want to journey in 2020 with our senses and strategies. We still want to access the realm of uncommon results and possibilities through our calculated formulas. I have come to announce to you that it will never work!

Can't we see that the more we try to change strategies, change disciplinary formulas, change skills and all that, our results are still speaking very faintly! We have refused to adhere to the truth that in this life, men of uncommon possibilities and results were carried into it!

Elijah was carried into the womb of "uncommon speed" and he could outrun a whole chariot! Daniel was carried into the womb of "uncommon safety" and he could sleep soundly in the midst of hungry lions. Joseph could penetrate into the palace because he was carried into the corridors of "uncommon favor"! David that had no professional curriculum vitae in warfare could uproot the neck of a born warrior because he was carried into the synagogue where the true mystery of warfare and " uncommon victory" resides!

Check every man that achieved uncommon mind-blowing results throughout ages and time, they were carried and helped!

It is a cry from the heavens that you need to come up hither. John the beloved was sentenced out of civilization to the Isles of Patmos and something terrible happened. It was his account that made us understand that truly if a man will cross the borders of ordinary results to uncommon ones, he must be carried!

He said as I end, "I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and heard behind me a great voice as of a trumpet......Come Up Hither" (Revelation 1:10 and Chapter 4:1)

In the next post, by the help of the spirit, I am going to show us the mystery behind this word and how we can apply it in our journey in 2020 to obtain uncommon results and possibilities! I want to tell you that you can achieve so much this year. So much beyond human reasoning and calculation! In that business, contracts, skill, career and every endeavor you might find yourself, you can ride so high into uncommon results this year if only you can adhere to this key!

I am going to do that in the next post. This is just an introduction

You can't afford not to read the next one! Thank you for your time, God bless you!