In the last post, I made us to understand that there is a system of operation that can open up dynamic, uncommon possibilities or results to a man that transcends what the entire borders of mortality can release to him.

Peradventure you have not read that post, please read it before you read this. The introduction matters so much. Click the link below the image below here 👇. But if you have done that before, then follow me closely!

Now, just as I said earlier, it is true that results and possibilities can be gotten on the strength of the wisdom locked in mortality but we must admit that mortality is a limitation. No matter the level of wisdom or principles you want to engage in the natural, as long as it does not cross the border beyond time and the seen realm, it can never birth some results!

Hence, a wise man will understand that if he will produce uncommon outstanding results, he needs to partner with an agency that resides in the realm that is beyond mortality! And that is why I told us in the previous post that many people that have become something huge and massive in the corridors of darkness understood this technology and that's why they forgot about formulas and strictly adhere to the government of the spirit they submitted to.

Now, in 2020, you can produce uncommon results by the "divine" way in any sphere you find yourself if you can apply this great wisdom and key. Journey with me!

The book of Revelation 1:10 and Chapter 4:1 that I quoted in the last write up is our focus point. John the beloved after being sent out of civilization, I mean you need to first understand his condition! He was sent out of relevance and possibilities. He was sent out of "goodies" of life. Yet, the man got to Isles of Patmos and he produced a level of mighty and uncommon depth of revelations of things beyond the fingers of time that no man that ever journeyed in God has encountered before! In fact, his results were extremely uncommon to date!

How then can a man that had no contact with goodies, palatable environmental and social factors can still produce such an unfathomable level of encounter and revelation? Simply, he was carried! He rode on the wings of the spirit and uncommon depth was opened unto him.

He said, "I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and a voice came and spoke to me.....Come Up Hither!" (Paraphrasing and Joining the scriptures).

It is in this revelation that John the beloved made us understand the mystery by which a man can "come up hither" in any sphere, conditions or situation he finds himself!

It is from this mystery, he made us understand that no matter how bad things are for you, if you can engage these two things, you will come up to the level where uncommon results and mind-blowing possibilities are residents!

What are the two keys?

  • I was in the spirit
  • On the Lord's Day

You imagine what it means? Follow me.

You see, these two are the powerful keys that enabled men become tangible and get uncommon results by God in life!

I was in the Spirit

First, they were men of the spirit! Now, let me shock you, I am not just talking about the Holy Ghost. Every man that became something mighty and delivered a rugged, unbridled and uncommon results partnered with a spirit! You don't need to believe. Sincerely you don't! But I will tell you that the majority of men that keep telling you principles upon principles of success and uncommon results will never tell you what they are engaging in their secret place or the kind of partnership they have done with their soul.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying men of results are diabolic or they have traded their soul to some "spirits". No, what I am saying is that, if you trace every great man down to his atom, you will discover that either intentionally, deliberately, knowing, or unknowingly, they have engaged the influence of a particular spirit. By the time they engaged some principles for a long time, the spirits that are in charge of those realities will come in contact with their soul and they will in one way or the other partnered and pay allegiance to them!

This thing, no man will tell you! Because the truth is, although, some are honest, they truly thought its all about their wisdom and strategies but they don't know they are actually drawing energy and inspiration from a certain spirit they have encountered through their practices!

So, you must understand that in life, no man rises above the horizon and climb the mountain of influence and organic results if he is not helped and carried! Why? That realm is beyond mortality. It is beyond the results that a man's strength can get! Know and believe this!

And by now, I believe we all should know that the only legal spirit a man should be having intercourse, communion or partnership with is the Holy Ghost. Any other influence communicated out of Him is an error and the end of such is death and destruction!

So John told us that before he could come up hither, he was first in the spirit! What does that tell us, He submitted totally to the tenet and principles of the Holy Ghost. The kind of "being in the spirit" that will produce an uncommon results is not praying in tongues, not fasting, not frowning face and refuse to shake or greet people! It is coming under the government and the rulership of the spirit!

Jesus said something in John 16:13(AMP) when he was about leaving the earth, He said, "But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth [full and complete truth]. For He will not speak on His own initiative, but He will speak whatever He hears [from the Father—the message regarding the Son], and He will disclose to you what is to come [in the future]"

Jesus is the "truth" himself. Hence, the truth that the Holy Ghost will journey you into is the realities that are locked in the person of Christ! So, if a man can partner with the Holy Ghost, he can be taken to the realm where uncommon possibilities and results are residents in Christ!- And you will agree with me that Christ wrought the most powerful and uncommon results that have ever been done in the realm of man in the entire history!

Therefore, it is not about speaking in tongues (which is very vital on its own) or all sorts of things we know "being in the spirit" as, it is about coming in agreement and submission to the continual leading of the Holy Ghost! Hence, instructions are very critical. This is the first thing you must know if you will journey into uncommon possibilities and results this year 2020- Instructions!

If you check the account of John the Beloved very well in the book of Revelation, you will see that the man when he got to the Isles of Patmos, before the realm was opened to him and he was summoned higher, he was given consistent instructions. Okay, say to the church of this, the church of that. Do this, do that, those acts of obedience to instructions was what opened the realms to him! That was what he meant by "I was in the spirit!" He was totally influenced by the spirit. He lost track of his own will! That is the first key to unlock outstanding and uncommon results in life! A man that can give all of himself to the spirit will be carried on His wings to a realm his generation has never been to!

Wait, have you seen men that got their results from diabolic means, what is common to them? Outright obedience and allegiance to the tenet and requests of the spirit they partnered with. Failure to submit will buy them huge consequences!

The last one is "On the Lord's Day!"

Hmm. Smiles, "the Lord's Day" here is not talking about sabbath day or sacred day of the Lord. No. There are several researches that have gone forth in order to track what the Lord's day really is. Many things have been discussed on that matter. But what I'm here to reveal is simple.

The Lord's Day is the day the Lord chooses to reveal Himself and His realities to a mortal man. For every man lifted of God, there is the Lord's Day! Men, after so many alignments and outright submission to the spirit, get to a point where heaven responds and decide to make a visit to them!

Jesus said something, listen, in the book of John 14:21 that "He that hath my commandments and keep them, he it is that loves me and he that loves me shall be loved of my father and I will love him and WILL MANIFEST MYSELF TO HIM"!

This is amazing! Can you see that? So, there is a Lord's Day that heaven decides to visit a man to carry him on the wings of the spirit and hence such man's life begins to birth uncommon results! Have you ever seen any man carried on the wings of the Holy Ghost become small? Have you ever seen such a man produce common or ordinary results? No sir! Their results are always uncommon and outstanding! But the clause there is that, such man must have gotten a track record of consistent following and submission to the spirit! That's what that scripture above is telling us.

God is ready to take a man to a place of unbeatable possibilities but the consistent alignment of the man to the government of the spirit is what brings the Lord's Day!

So, John had been following the spirit from Chapter 1 of the book of Revelations till Chapter 4 consistently until it reaches chapter 4 and the heavens decided to visit him and carry him beyond the coordinates of limitation and they summoned him and say "come up hither!"

Peradventure when you saw the post title, you have been expecting some kinds of formulas or strategies to imbibe in order to get outstanding and uncommon results this year. Probably you have been thinking I will be giving you five or seven steps in goal settings, hard work, knowledge accumulation and all sorts of things. I am sorry to disappoint you because those ones have their limits. They have a limit they can take man!

Only a life that is consecrated and submitted to the Spirit can bring the Lord's Day to a man! And believe me, when that day comes, you will be shocked by the level of mighty results you will command.

So this year, remain "in the spirit"! Stay there, keep asking, "Lord, what will you have me do?" and keep following instructions. Just wait, when your obedience is complete, you will begin to see strange results and possibilities in your life that will transcend all manner of human efforts and logic! You will begin to see a mighty explosion in your business, uncommon results in your offices and all areas of your life because you have decided to be in the spirit where a man can be carried beyond the circles of limitation!

This is the wisdom great men engage that made them a wonder to their generation.

You want to ride in this too? You have been doing the same thing all over again and it seems as if your results are too low or not in any way outstanding. Then, come up hither and stop the race! Ride on the wings of spirit and be carried. For it is only in the womb of the spirit that uncommon dimensions of results and possibilities resides!

Thank you for reading. If this has blessed you, please give your comment below. God bless you!